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In October, 2014, ACAPT, The Education Section, and APTA hosted the Summit with a goal of reaching agreement on best practice in physical therapist clinical education.  The final report from the Summit contained eleven recommendations that supported the vision of achieving a common culture of teaching and learning based on strong partnerships and shared responsibility for preparing all students to practice as Doctors of Physical Therapy. These recommendations were prioritized by the ACAPT board and integrated into the organization’s strategic plan.

Integrated Clinical Education and Student Readiness were each identified as high priority initiatives for ACAPT and are the focus of the first two strategic initiative panels. The third panel was also identified as an important need – to look at all the various terminology used by the many related groups and to recommend possible changes to bring all into alignment

The work of these panels will be conducted in a manner consistent with ACAPT’s mission, vision and strategic plan and with consideration of the guiding principles defined at the Summit which include evidence-based, stakeholders as partners, assessment, clear & explicit plan, forward thinking, inter-professional, and responsible & sustainable.

Guiding principles for the work of the three panels as defined at the Summit include processes and products that exemplify:

  1. Evidence-based practice;
  2. Stakeholders as partners;
  3. A culture of assessment;
  4. Clear & explicit plans;
  5. Forward thinking;
  6. Interprofessional collaboration, and
  7. Responsible & sustainable proposals
Strategic Initiative Panels Final Reports
Updates & Ideas, ELC 2016
Common Terminology Panel
Student Readiness Panel
Integrated Clinical Education Panel

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