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Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee is designed to support the following ACAPT strategic initiatives:

  • Identify and cultivate the resources to achieve excellence in academic physical therapy;
  • Support and position physical therapy programs to adapt to changing higher education environments and to lead innovation in academic physical therapy; and
  • Develop a leadership and/or teaching fellowship program.

This initiative is intended to supplement the Education Leadership Institute, which ACAPT is also committed to supporting.

Development of resources to achieve excellence was identified as a key priority for 2015 and continues to be a key area of concern. The future of excellence in academic physical therapy is intimately tied to having a plentiful pool of leaders who have conscientiously and deliberately prepared themselves to provide the superior leadership required to affect such excellence. As one of its three key priorities for 2016, the ACAPT Board approved the following: 

Establish a planning committee to design a series of Leadership Development Summits to be launched in 2017 to empower faculty and program leadership to create vision, plan for change, develop resources to support new initiatives, and effect promotion and growth in the academy.

We are pleased to announce the call for volunteers to participate in the new leadership development initiative.  Three subgroups are being formed now:

  • Resource Development Group
  • Social Media and Online Presence Group, and
  • Student Leadership Development Group.  

Click here to learn more and apply

The Leadership Development Committee Team

  • Janet Bezner, Chair
  • Barb Tschoepe
  • Stephanie Kelly
  • Tony English
  • Thom Werner
  • Lisa Van Hoose
  • Nanette Hyland
  • Nancy Reese - ACAPT Board Liaison
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