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Education and Pedagogy Consortium

The Education and Pedagogy Consortium focuses on exploring and promoting best practices of pedagogy and education by providing an avenue for member institutions to collaborate and discuss teaching methodology/processes, educational assessment methods and outcomes, and scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) related to physical therapy education.

Our objectives are to support ACAPT's mission of excellence in physical therapy education by:
  • Producing a number of best practice deliverables related to education methods, processes, and assessment in physical therapy education.
  • Facilitating the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning throughout physical therapy education member institutions.
  • Promoting cross-institutional Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to help all members discuss, revise, and refine best practices.
  • Disseminating cooperative findings to all ACAPT member institutions
  • Facilitating discussion on best practices to meet and exceed CAPTE criteria which may contribute to a common set of program objectives.

ELC Education_Pedagogy 2017

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Education and Pedagogy Consortium Leadership Team:

  • Chairperson: Sara F. Maher, PT, DScPT
  • Vice Chair: Donna Cech, PT, DHS, PCS
  • Secretary: Shawn Drake, PT, PhD

Nominating Committee:

  • Jeanne Cook, PT, PhD
  • Ron Barredo, PT, DPT, EdD, GSC, CCRP

Website Editor:

  • Marcia Himes, PT, DPT

ELC Meeting Minutes                        CSM Meeting Minutes

         10/07/16                                                2/16/17                             

Meetings are held yearly at CSM and ELC

                  ELC 2017: Click HERE for more information!                                                          CSM 2018: Click HERE for more information!

ELC 2017                CSM 2018 Banner

A.T. Still University Of Health Sciences

Jim Farris, -

University of Minnesota

Jacquelyn Ruen, -

Arkansas State University

Shawn Drake, -

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Nancy Kirsch, -

Saint Francis University

Jessica Cammarata, -

University of the Incarnate Word

Amy Wagner, -

University of Mississippi at the Medical Center

Lisa J. Barnes, -

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2/16/17 (docx)
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10/07/16 (docx)
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