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Early Assurance BS/DPT Program

This consortium represents the faculty and admissions coordinators from DPT programs that are currently listed as “Freshman Entry” in the CAPTE directory of programs. The CAPTE directory of programs currently lists 34 programs under its “Program admits students at the freshman level” category. Thus faculty and staff from these and other interested programs could participate in this consortium.

Programs that incorporate an undergraduate course of study leading directly into the DPT degree have unique issues and needs in the areas of admissions, student outcomes, curriculum design and development, faculty workload, and data collection. The purpose of this consortium would be to share and collaborate on these issues in an effort to further both institutionally driven and council goals of academic excellence within physical therapy.

Our objectives are:
  • To have a venue to share issues related to the structure and functions of a dual degree program
  • To caucus on issues that come before the academic council that impact on the dual degree programs

The consortium meets a minimum one time each year prior to the Educational Leadership Conference (ELC) in the fall.

Thomas Jefferson University

Susan Wainwright, PT, PhD

University of Jamestown

rsdean rsdean, IECNLOYwDOV

Early Assurance Candidate Bios and Statements 2017

Jun 9, 2017, 08:47 AM by Sandy Rossi

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