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National Interprofessional Education Consortium (NIPEC)

The National Interprofessional Education Consortium (NIPEC) shall advance physical therapy as an integral component of Interprofessional education and practice through collaboration with other organizations nationally and internationally. The consortium shall serve as a resource and forum for faculty at ACAPT member institutions involved in Interprofessional education efforts, and promote Interprofessional education and collaborative practice within the physical therapy community through APTA.

Thank you for joining us at our annual working meeting during ELC in Columbus, Ohio! Check back soon for the meeting's minutes for a summary of the productive discussions.

The National Interprofessional Education Consortium (NIPEC) shall advance physical therapy as an integral component of Interprofessional education and practice through collaboration with other organizations nationally and internationally. The consortium shall serve as a resource and forum for faculty at ACAPT member institutions involved in Interprofessional education efforts, and promote interprofessional education and collaborative practice within the Physical Therapy community through APTA.

Thanks to all who joined the NIPEC working meeting at CSM 2017 in San Antonio! Please see the minutes from the session.

Leadership Team Positions

The ACAPT National Interprofessional Education Consortium (NIPEC) will hold elections in the spring-summer during the ACAPT election cycle.  If you are a member of NIPEC, you are registered to vote. If you have not yet joined NIPEC, do so now by clicking on the Request to Join Box above. As with any organization, formation of a leadership team is representative of its members who vote.

Persons elected to a leadership position are expected to attend the annual APTA Education Leadership Conference where the NIPEC annual business meeting will be held, in addition to monthly teleconferences.

NIPEC Leadership Positions and Description of Responsibilities:

The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Consortium and shall be an Exofficio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. S/he shall be the designated liaison to the ACAPT Board of Directors unless otherwise determined by the NIPEC Board of Directors. The Chairperson will assure currency of essential information on the ACAPT NIPEC Website and attend the ACAPT annual meeting.

Vice Chair:
The Vice Chairperson shall assume the duties of the Chairperson at the request of the Chairperson or in the absence or incapacitation of the Chairperson and oversee NIPEC ad hoc committees as a voting committee member.  The Vice Chair shall serve as the Parliamentarian during the Annual and Special meetings. The Vice Chair shall represent the NIPEC related to any Program Planning responsibilities for ELC. 

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of all NIPEC and Board meetings; notify NIPEC members of the date, time, and place of NIPEC meetings; maintain the NIPEC’s archives and correspondence; and make NIPEC’s minutes and rules and regulations available to the membership and to ACAPT’s executive office. 

Nominating Committee Member:
The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members.  Those eligible to serve are NIPEC members elected by the membership for three (3) year terms, with one (1) member being elected each year.  The senior member of the committee shall serve as Committee Chair for the last year of his/her term.

The nominating committee shall prepare a slate of one (1) or more names for each office to be filled.  The slate (i.e. list of candidates) shall be published on the NIPEC website and distributed to the membership prior to the election.  The Nominating Chair will provide the slate, together with the information on each candidate, at least 30 days in advance of the election.


Chair will provide the slate, together with the information on each candidate, at least 30 days in advance of the election The Directors at Large shall serve on the Board of Directors to provide broad-based input into the decision making process of the leadership team and assist with dissemination of information to the membership. They will serve as a liaison where assigned and perform such other duties as may be applicable to the office or as directed by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Consortium.

Meet the NIPEC Leadership Team

NIPEC Leadership and Board Member Information

NIPEC Leadership Team

  • Chair: Cheryl Resnik, PT, DPT, FNAP, FAPTA
  • Vice Chair: Samantha Brown, PT, DPT
  • Secretary: Kimberly Beran-Shepler, PT, DPT, OCS


  • Myles Quiben, PT, PhD, DPT, MS, GCS, NCS, CEEAA
  • Shelene Thomas, PT, DPT, EdD, GCS
  • Holly H. Wise, PT, PhD, FNAP 
  • Stephen D. Jernigan, PT, PhD, FNAP
  • Mary Sinnott, PT, DPT

Nominating Committee

  • Chair: Beth P. Davis, PT, DPT, MBA
  • Chad Lairamore, PT, PhD, NCS, GCS, FNAP
  • Amber Fitzsimmons, PT, MS, DPTSc

ACAPT Liaisons

  • Mary Blackinton, PT, EdD, GCS, CEEAA
  • Sandy Rossi

Assessment Resources

NEXUS Assessment and Evaluation

Great resource for information and webinars.

NEXUS Assessment Tool

This website can filter for specific inquiries.

NEXUS Assessment Guidelines

Recently developed practical guide, look at volume 2 & 3 in particular

Seminal Assessment Articles:
MedEd Portal

CHIC Inventory of Quantatative Tools to Measure

CHIC Program Evaluation for Interprofessional

Assessing Health Care Team Performance: A
Review of Tools and the Evidence Supporting
their Use

Thomas Jefferson University: Assessment Tools
for IPE, Learning, and Practice

University of Washington: Assessment and

MUSC Interprofessional Practice, Education, and
Team Science: Measurement Tools

W(e) Learn Framework:
IPE Assessment Instruments

Assessment Tools

Interprofessional Collaborator Assessment Rubric - ICAR

Innovative Tools for Assessing
Interprofessional Competencies

Performance Assessment of Communication and Teamwork (PCAT) Tool Set

Interprofessional Professionalism Assessment (IPA) Instrument

Additional Resources

Faculty Development Resources


Preceptors in the NEXUS Toolkit

This toolkit includes faculty development modules/materials (Preceptor as Learner... particularly blue modules i-v), educational tools (Preceptor as Interprofesional Educator... particularly green module i + education tools), and practice transformation tools (preceptor as interprofessional champion). *Note: to access most fo the NEXUS resources related to faculty/preceptor development, an individual needs to create an account/become a member. There is no cost to do this.

Center for Medical Simulation

Center focuses on effective simulation debriefing, but principles can be applied to a variety of situations (e.g. classroom discussion, practical exams, general conversations, etc). Multiple courses are offered, 2 favorites are the Comprehensive Instructor workshop and the Gateway Debriefing Skills Workshop, as well as, the debriefing resources (*note the JW Rudolph article is a valuable introduction to debriefing for any faculty person).

TeamSTEPPS Master Trainers
AIHC Interprofessional Webinar Series
AAMC's MedEd Portal CE Directory

Faculty Development Literature

Interprofessional Education and Practice Guide No. 1; Developing faculty to effectively facilitate interprofessional education. Leslie Walter Hall and Brenda K. Zierler. Journal of Interprofessional Care (2015).

Faculty Development Tools

University of Washington faculty training toolkit, University of Kansas Center for Interprofessional Education, University of Minnesota Academic Health Center Office of Education.


Train-the-Trainer (T3)

Interprofessional faculty development program with multiple workshops annually. Workshops are comprehensive interactive learning opportunities with a focus on IPE and practice. 3.5 day workshops are hosted at 3 university sites across the country.

Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC)
University of Toronto - Center for Interprofessional Education


All Together Better Health (ATBH)
Collaborating Across Borders (CAB)
Learning Together at the NEXUS Summit
European Conference on Interprofessional Practice and Education (EIPEN)

Thank you to all who joined us for the working meeting at ELC 2017 in Columbus, Ohio!  We will be posting the minutes soon, so check back to read the summary.

Mark your calendars - NIPEC will be holding a meeting at CSM in New Orleans, LA in February 2018. Check back for event details closer to the date. See you there!

Other upcoming conferences:

CAB VI October 1-4th 2017 in Banff, Alberta, Canada
IPEC Institute October 18-20 2017 in Long Beach, California
The 2nd Interprofessional Simulation Conference November 14-15 2017 at Emory in Atlanta, GA
NEXUS USA Summit January 31st-February 2nd 2018, Washington D.C.
All Together Better Health IX September 3-6 2018, Auckland, New Zealand

*Please see NIPEC's "Resources" tab for a list of organizations that hold regular Conferences and Workshops for the most up-to-date information*

Our Membership

One of NIPEC's primary initiatives is to connect people and institutions in an effort to further develop interprofessional education and practice. Please use this list to find partners in IPE and collaborative practice and to connect with others who may provide invaluable resources.


  • Alabama State University - Cindy LaPorte
  • Stamford University - Lydia Thurston, Matthew Ford



  • Midwestern U - Bob Nithman, Christine Conroy


  • Arkansas State University - Shawn Drake
  • U of Central Arkansas - Chad Lairamore, Misty Booth
  • U of Arkansas for Medical Science - John Jefferson


  • Cal State Northridge - Victoria Graham
  • Cal State Long Beach - James Buenaventura
  • Chapman U - Jacki Brechter
  • Loma Linda U - James Syms
  • Samuel Meritt U - Terry Nordstrom
  • San Diego State - Mitch Rauh, Sara Bombatto
  • USC - Cheryl Resnik, Michael Simpson
  • UCSF - Amber Fitzsimmons, Kimberly Topp
  • Western U of Health Sciences - Dee Schilling, Janet Konecne


  • Regis U - Heidi Eigsti, Mark Reinking, Merry Lynne Hamilton, Shelene Thomas
  • University of Colorado at Denver - Amy Nordon-Craft, Jenny Rodriguez


  • Quinnipiac U - Maureen Helgren


  • George Washington U - Sue Leach


  • U of Delaware - Ellen Wruble Hakim


  • Nova Southeastern U - Lynda Ross, Melissa Lazinski, Mary Blackinton
  • U of Central Florida - Patrick Pabian
  • U of Florida - Kim Dunleavy
  • U of South Florida - William Quillen


  • Armstrong Atlantic State U - Anne Thompson
  • Emory U - Beth Davis, Patricia Bridges
  • Georgia State U - Kimberely Morelli




  • U of Illinois Chicago - Ross Arena


  • Indiana U - Peter Altenburger
  • Trine U - Max Baumgartner


  • Des Moines U - April Newton, Julie Ronnenbaum
  • St. Ambrose U - Kristin Ryan, Michael Puthoff


  • U of Kansas Medical Center - Steve Jernigan


  • Bellarmine U - Gina Pariser, Kate Crandell, Patty Gillette, Tony Brosky
  • U of Kentucky - Janice Kuperstein



  • U of New England - Sally McCormack Tutt, Michael Sheldon
  • Husson U - Peg Olson


  • U Maryland Baltimore - Leslie Glickman, Mary Rogers, Linda Horn, Sandy McCombe Waller


  • MGH Institute of Health - Caitlin Fitzgerald, Laura Plummer, Leslie Pourtney, Pam Levangie
  • Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - Cheryl Babin
  • Northeastern U - Maura Iversen
  • Springfield College - Liz Montemagni
  • U Massachusetts Lowell - Deirdra Murphy, JoAnn Moriarty-Baron


  • U Michigan Flint - Amy Yorke, Laura Smith, Leslie Smith
  • Wayne State U - Martha Schiller


  • St. Catherine U - Christi Anderson, Lisa Dutton



  • AT Still U - Barbara Maxwell
  • Missouri State U - Leanne L Cook, Patricia Cahoj
  • St. Louis University - Darina Sargeant, Ginge Kettenback, Jessica Barreca
  • Washington U - Jennifer Stith


  • U of Montana - David Levison, Jennifer Jeffery Bell


  • Clarkson College - Michael Witte
  • Creighton U - Kimberly Beran-Sheplar
  • U of Nebraska - Greg Karst, Kathleen Volkman


  • Touro U Nevada - Tricia Catalino
  • U of Nevada - Catherine Turner

New Hampshire

  • Franklin Pierce U - May Palaima

New Jersey

  • Rutgers U - Nancy Kirsh, Susan Paparella-Pitzel
  • Seton Hall U - Genevieve Zipp, Cathy Maher
  • Stockton College - Patricia McGinnis

New Mexico

  • U of New Mexico - Marybeth Barkocy

New York

  • Columbia U - Laurel Daniels Abbruzzese
  • D'Youville College - Karen Panzarella, Lynn Rivers, Patricia Nowakowski
  • Ithaca College - Michael Buck
  • Long Island U - Nicki Silberman
  • Marist College - Claudia Fenderson, Julie Fineman
  • Mercy College - Nannette Hyland
  • Mount St. Mary's College - Alan Lee, Debbie Lowe, Valerie Teglia
  • New York Medical College - Michael Majsak
  • Stoneybrook U - Jamie Greco, Lori Hochman, Maryjo Kaleda, Nancy Kirsch
  • SUNY Upstate - Carol Recker-Hughes
  • Touro College - Stephanie Dapice Wong
  • Utica College - Dawn Evans, Shauna Malta, Shelly Nunno-Evans

North Carolina

  • Duke U - Kai Kennedy
  • East Carolina University - Christine Lysaght

North Dakota


  • College of Mount St. Joseph - Rosanne Thomas
  • Cleveland State U - Debbie Espy, Madalynn Wendland
  • The Ohio State U - Erin Thomas
  • U of Toledo - Michelle Masterson
  • Walsh U - Pam Ritzline
  • Youngstown State U - Nancy Landgraff, Suzanne Giuffre




  • Chatham U - Ann Williamson
  • DeSales U - Stephen Carp
  • Duquesne U - Chris Carcia, Leesa DiBartola
  • Drexel U - Linda Montas, Noel Goodstadt, Susan Smith, Patricia Rubertone
  • Gannon U - Andrea Kessler
  • Misericordia U - Laurie Brogan
  • Temple U - Mary Sinnott, Scott Burns
  • Thomas Jefferson U - Susan Wainwright
  • U of Pittsburgh - Kathy Kelly
  • Widener U - Robert Wellmon

Rhode Island

  • U of Rhode Island - Anne Marie Dupre, Samantha Brown, Janice Hulme

South Carolina

  • Medical U of South Carolina - Debora Brown, Holly Wise
  • U of South Carolina - Harvey Mathews

South Dakota

  • U of South Dakota - Angela MacCabe, Joy Karges, Kory Zimney, Lana Svien, Patti Berg-Poppe


  • Belmont U - Nancy Darr, Renee Brown


  • Texas Women's U -Sharon Olson, Linda Csiza
  • U of the Incarnate Word - Amy Crocker, Caroline Goulet
  • U of North Texas - Brandy Schwarz, Myla Claire Quiben, Yasser Salem
  • U of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - Julie DeVahl




  • Mary Baldwin College - Lisa Shoaf
  • Shenandoah University - Karen Abraham, Sheri Hale, Lisa McVey, Kate Divine, Sheri Hale
  • Virginia Commonwealth U - Shawne Soper


  • Eastern Washington U - Meryl Gersh
  • U of Washington Seattle - Cheryl Kerfeld (Seattle), Debbie Kartin

West Virginia

  • West Virginia University - Ralph Utzman


  • Concordia U - Lous Harrison, Robert Barnhart
  • U Wisconsin, Milwaukee - Ann Dietrich, Carrie Truebenbach, Kathy Zalewski


Other Members

  • NAP consultant - Jody Frost
  • Clinician - Paul Wiener
  • Gateway Technical College in Wisconsin - Traci Gotz PTA program
  • Annette Iglarsh
  • Heather Brossman


2017 Election voting has ended

Congratulations to our newly elected NIPEC officers and committee member! New officers were introduced during the 2017 NIPEC annual meeting at the APTA Education Leadership Conference in Columbus, OHIO. Terms of office began immediately following the NIPEC Annual Business meeting. Elected officers will serve their respective terms or until the election of their successors yet not to exceed 2 consecutive terms. Election of officers is staggered.

  • Cheryl Resnik - Chair: One elected for a two year term, 2017-2019
  • Kimberly Beran-Shepler - Secretary: One elected for a two year term, 2017-2019
  • Myles Quiben and Shelene Thomas - Directors: Two elected for two year terms, 2017-2019
  • Amber Fitzsimmons - Nominating Committee: One elected for a three year term (2017-2020) will serve as Chair of Nominating Committee 2019-2020. Note this is not a board position.

We thank our outgoing board members Nancy Kirsch, Dee Schilling and Bob Nithman, and ACAPT liaison Pam Levangie for their service to NIPEC and are grateful to Cheryl Resnik and Amber Fitzsimmons, who were re-elected, for continuing to serve.  We hope that all interested in holding a leadership position with the NIPEC will contact Beth Davis (bethpdavis@emory.edu), chair of the Nominating Committee.

We also invite those who would like to be more involved in the NIPEC to contact Cheryl Resnik (resnik@usc.edu) to learn more about joining one of our work group initiatives.   

ELC 2017

Thank you to all who attended the NIPEC 2017 Annual Meeting during ELC in Columbus, Ohio! Check back soon for the minutes of our working meeting for a summary of the discussions.

CSM 2017

Please join us at our next meeting during CSM February 2018 in New Orleans, LA. Check back closer to the date for more event details.

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