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Enter PhD Program Data

PhD Program Data Entry

This form is for the entry of program information for PhD programs suited for the training of physical therapists. Please only list your program if both of two conditions are met.

  1. Admissions criteria are suitable for students with a PT degree
  2. PhD-trained PTs can serve as primary advisors for PhD students in the program

Full Time Only
Part Time Only

Program is in the same department or division as the PT program in the institution
Program is in a different department/division in the instituion
Program is adminstered by more than one department - PT program is a member of the adminstrative group
Program is interdisciplinary - PT program is not adminstratively involved

Types of Funding for Full Time Students
Types of Funding for Part Time Students

Please note that, for simplicity, we are calling this a PhD program listing.  If your program actually confers a different degree, like an EdD, that is fine.  What matters is that the program is designed to train faculty to succeed at the kind of institution that would qualify for RIPPT membership.  Regardless of the degree, if the nature of training received by students in your program makes it unlikely they would be among the faculty who qualify a program for RIPPT membership, then your program should not be listed here.

Enter the basic information for the name of the program, the title that appears on the transcript, matriculation options, and areas of focus.  The name of the PhD program and the areas of focus will be shown on the main public listing.  Please keep the areas of focus short, in keyword style (e.g., biomechanics, health services, neurologic rehabilitation, basic neuroscience).  Please do not provide written descriptions in narrative style.  People can go to your website for that level of detail.  Provide the name of your PhD program director, the PhD program’s website, and the email for interested students to contact.

Put in the basic information about program format, time to degree, students admitted per year, and total enrollment.  We understand these numbers vary – make your most accurate estimate based on recent history.

Provide selections for your PhD program structure and policies for funding PhD students.  Explain “Other” answers in the boxes below.  Select available funding sources for your students, and press submit.

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