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Attention Young Investigators

The 2nd Interprofessional Simulation Conference

, Atlanta

Submit Your Event

The American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) may promote events sponsored by member institutions in good standing and other collaborative entities. 

Approved events will be placed on this page of the ACAPT website. The criteria for approval is as follows:

  • Submissions must be made by member institution representatives or other collaborating entities such as APTA
  • The event should be in the form of a conference, workshop, webinar, or other educational method of delivery
  • The member institution or one of its recognized clinical partners must be the sponsor and/or host of the event
  • The content offered by the event must have a direct relationship to the vision of ACAPT: “ACAPT will be the leading voice to promote, achieve and sustain excellence in academic physical therapy”.
  • The primary content of the event is not focused on the clinical aspect of assessment, intervention, or other direct patient care topics, unless the purpose of the program is to provide academic and/or clinical faculty with guidelines/instruction as to the integration of such information within a didactic and/or clinical aspect of professional education.
  • The event is not being organized for profit purposes by a for-profit organization
  • Submit event request to acapt@apta.org and include only the following:
    • Title
    • Location
    • Date(s)
    • Brief description
    • Url for more information
    • do not submit graphics or attachments as they will not be included

Please allow up to 2-4 weeks for review of the request.

ACAPT reserves the right to refuse to post a submission or to delay posting until a thorough review can be considered by the Board and/or Communications Committee.

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Oct 6, 2017
Consortium for Humanities, Ethics and Professionalism Events at ELC 2017

The Consortium for Humanities, Ethics and Professionalism (CHEP) have several upcoming events at ELC!

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Oct 2, 2017
PT Day of Service – School Supplies. Changing Lives.

GLobal PT Day of Service happening during ELC 2017! Make a donation to Kids in Need Foundation today!

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Oct 2, 2017
Going to CSM? MERC pre-conference course available

Consider attending the Medical Education Research Certificate workshop right before CSM 2018!

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