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PhD Program Directory Related to Physical Therapy (PT PhDs)

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Rehabilitation Sciences

  • Combined DPT-PhD Program Available: True
  • Must be a PT to enroll: False
  • Area(s) of Focus: <p>The mission of the doctoral program in Rehabilitation Science is to advance the scientific knowledge underlying the clinical practice of rehabilitation by preparing students to conduct independent scientific research and function as an academic faculty member.&nbsp; Areas of focus of this interdisciplinary program include evidence based management of disease and disability (specifically low back pain, neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, knee/hip osteoarthritis, total knee/hip arthroplasty, lower limb amputation), sports injury prevention and recovery, skeletal muscle physiology (aging, metabolic dysfunction), physical activity promotion for older adults and biomechanics.</p>
  • Program Director: Ed Gappmaier, PT, PhD
  • Website: https://health.utah.edu/physical-therapy-athletic-training/degree-programs/rehab-science
  • Program Email: ed.gappmaier@hsc.utah.edu
  • Avg. time to Degree (yrs): 4
  • Students Enrolled (total): 31
  • Typical # Admitted / yr: 6
  • Program Format (e.g. full-time, part-time or either): Either
  • PhD Program Structure: Program is in the same department or division as the PT program in the institution
  • Policy for Funding of Part Time PhD Students: Student Pays Tuition and Fees – little or no funding support
  • Policy for Funding Part Time Explanation:
  • Policy for Funding of Full Time PhD Student: Tuition, fees, and stipend usually covered, but not guaranteed
  • Policy for Funding Full Time Explanation:

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