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PhD Program Directory Related to Physical Therapy (PT PhDs)

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PhD in Physical Therapy

  • Combined DPT-PhD Program Available: True
  • Must be a PT to enroll: True
  • Area(s) of Focus: The PhD program at TWU is committed to the scientific basis of clinical practice. Students are encouraged to develop their own line of research based on their interests and current areas of clinical practice. Coursework and 1:1 faculty mentoring is designed to prepare students for careers in academia as well as to lead clinical research teams. The program provides a framework for students to develop advanced research and teaching skills. The student, upon graduation, will be able to perform advanced statistical techniques, evaluate and synthesize literature, utilize various instrumentation frequently used in rehabilitation research, develop grants and manuscripts, demonstrate proficiency with current research-related software applications, and understand and apply various teaching strategies.
  • Program Director: Ann Medley, PT, PhD
  • Website: http://www.twu.edu/physical-therapy/phd-program.asp
  • Program Email: smedley@twu.edu
  • Avg. time to Degree (yrs): 6
  • Students Enrolled (total): 55
  • Typical # Admitted / yr: 4
  • Program Format (e.g. full-time, part-time or either): Either
  • PhD Program Structure: Program is in the same department or division as the PT program in the institution
  • Policy for Funding of Part Time PhD Students:
  • Policy for Funding Part Time Explanation:
  • Policy for Funding of Full Time PhD Student:
  • Policy for Funding Full Time Explanation:

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