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Simulation in Physical Therapy Education Consortium

Simulation in Physical Therapy Education Consortium (SIPTEC)

Simulation in Physical Therapy Education Consortium (SIPTEC)

SIPTEC represents ACAPT institutional members with a strong interest in simulation as a pedagogical approach to the education and professional development of physical therapist students, residents/fellows and clinical educators.


Simulation-based education builds a bridge from classroom learning to clinical practice, and fosters the integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for clinical practice.


SIPTEC's purpose is to promote best practices in the use of simulation-based learning, which may involve various modalities and settings including:

  • paper-based,
  • computer-based,
  • human actor-based (simulated or standardized patient), or
  • manikin-based platforms.


  • Provide a forum for physical therapy education programs to share resources for development of simulation-based learning experiences.
  • Promote best practices for uses of simulation as a teaching and learning experience and explore methods of formative and summative assessment, preparation for clinical education experiences, and ongoing physical therapist professional development.
  • Assist members with advocacy strategies to create and sustain a successful PT simulation program and communicate necessity to their stakeholders.


    • Provide opportunities and grant funding to collaborate on research endeavors to determine best practices for implementation and evaluation of outcomes of simulation-based learning experiences in physical therapy education.
    • Create a conduit for academic and clinical educators to partner to improve student preparation to provide safe, effective and collaborative patient care.
    • Expand the use of simulation-based learning to promote interprofessional education.

    Upcoming webinars

    Register for this Sept 13, 2023 webinar: Simulation's other side: Engaging your simulated patients

    Simulation Scenario Library

    Simulation 101 from SIPTEC

    Watch the free SIPTEC Simulation 101 recorded presentation that defines common terms.

    ACAPT's Simulation in Physical Therapy Education Consortium (SIPTEC) was formed in July 2020.  SIPTEC collaborates with and is complimentary to other ACAPT consortia, including the Clinical Reasoning Curricula & Assessment Consortium (CRCAC), the National Interprofessional Education Consortium (NIPEC) and the Education and Pedagogy Consortium

    Review SIPTEC's free Simulation 101 recorded presentation.


      Current Officers:

      Chair: Nicki Silberman, PT, DPT, PhD
      Hunter College

      Vice ChairSheri Kiami, PT, DPT, MS
      Northeastern University

      Secretary: Sharon L. Gorman, PT, DPTSc
      Samuel Merritt University

      Nominating Committee Member: Jason Rucker, PT, PhD
      University of Kansas Medical Center

      Nominating Committee Member: Erin Thomas, PT, DPT
      The Ohio State University

      Nominating Committee MemberDaniel Dale, PT, DPT
      Mercer University

      Director-at-Large: Susan Miale, PT, DPT, EdD
      Stony Brook University

      Officer Duties                       


      • Preside at and facilitate all meetings of the Consortium.
      • S/he shall be the designated liaison to the ACAPT Board of Directors unless otherwise determined by the Consortium officers.
      • Shall be an ex-officio member of all Consortium committees except the Nominating Committee.
      • The Chairperson will assure currency of essential information on the ACAPT Consortium Website. 
      • Attends the ACAPT Annual Meeting.


      • Assume the duties of the Chairperson at the request of the Chairperson or in the absence or incapacitation of the Chairperson and oversee Consortium ad hoc committees as a voting committee member.
      • Serve as the Parliamentarian during the Annual and Special meetings.
      • Prepares an annual budget and coordinates funding matters with the ACAPT Treasurer.
      • Represent the Consortium related to any Consortium program planning responsibilities for Educational Leadership Conference (ELC).


      • Be responsible for keeping the minutes of all Consortium meetings of members and/or officers.
      • Prepare and submit written reports of the activities of the Consortium to ACAPT Board of Directors.
      • Notify Consortium members of the date, time, and place of Consortium meetings.
      • Maintain the Consortium’s archives and correspondence.
      • Make Consortium minutes and policies and procedures available to the membership through the Consortium’s page(s) on the ACAPT website. 


      • Provide broad-based input into the decision-making process of the leadership team.
      • Assist with dissemination of information to the membership.
      • Serve as a liaison where assigned.
      • Perform such other duties as may be applicable to the office or as directed by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Consortium.

      Nominating Committee Members: 

      Upon formation of the Consortium and until the first election, there shall be no fewer than two (2) individuals serving as Nominating Committee members. At the time of the first elections, members shall elect a third member of the committee. The senior member of the committee shall serve as Committee Chair for the last year of his/her term. Each member shall serve for three (3) years. One new member shall be elected each year. The Nominating Committee Chair shall oversee the functions of the Nominating Committee. 

      • Prepares a ballot for leadership positions and coordinates the nomination process; all attempts will be made to include a minimum of two candidates per office, when possible.
      • Determines eligibility of prospective candidates.
      • Contacts prospective candidates to obtain consent to serve.
      • Requests short biography from each candidate to be sent with consent to serve form.
      • Prepare a slate of one (1) or more names for each office to be filled. The slate (i.e. list of candidates), shall be published in communications to Consortium members and distributed to the membership at least 30 days prior to the election.
      • Conducts elections by electronic and mail ballot in conjunction with the Executive Office.
      • Notifies winners of election and welcomes them.
      • Notifies individuals not elected and maintains a record of their consent to service for future considerations and needs that may support the work of the Consortium.

      SIPTEC holds a yearly Membership Meeting at the Educational Leadership Conference (ELC).

      Additional meetings may be held virtually during the year. SIPTEC members will receive registration information via email, or watch this space for more information. 

      Virtual meetings will be held via web-based platform (i.e. Zoom) additional times throughout the year as needed for sub-committees or journal clubs as scheduled.

      Review SIPTEC's free Simulation 101 recorded presentation and register for a free, follow-up Q&A.

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