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Recent Accomplishments

In 2017, we accomplished the following:

  • Participated in an Education Research Strategy Meeting with APTA and the Education Section that has resulted in multiple groups working on:
    • Creation of a conceptual framework to guide education research, and adoption of a set of physical therapy-specific entrustable professional activities (EPAs) to guide professional and postprofessional development, including a self-assessment process for practicing physical therapists, will be catalysts to bridge this gap
    • Creation of a community of education researchers to act as mentors and to provide continued learning opportunities in educational research, known as the Education Research Network.  We held our first Education Research Networking Breakfast at CSM in New Orleans and it was a great success!
    • We are conducting a comprehensive data needs assessment with the goals of identifying currently available data sets across physical therapy organizations and determining the degree to which they are standardized, interconnected, and accessible to educational researchers. The creation of a new centralized institutional data repository.
    • Creation of a grant writing workshop that is based on the successful TIGRR workshops for rehabilitation research.
    • The first Medical Education Research Certificate workshop held at ELC and sold out
  • Created a Student Honor Society task force to identify the policies and procedures by which the society will be governed
  • Reported from the Task Force on Standardized Graduate Outcome Recommendations disseminated
  • Developed our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan
  • Oral history videos and audio interviews released and article submitted in JOPTE
  • Participation in workgroups of the Education Leadership Partnership (ELP)
  • Established the ACAPT Leadership Academy (#ACAPTLA) focused on developing and offering leadership training and resources to assist faculty to organize and integrate leadership development into their professional development plans. 
  • Collaborated with The Private Practice Section on developing a curriculum for leadership training for DPT students
  • Presented the ACAPT Strategic Initiative Panels: Summary of Recommendations on the topics of Common Terminology, Integrated Clinical Education, and Student Readiness
  • Participated in the town hall feedback forums in response to the report on Best Practice for PT Clinical Education
  • Sponsored a student writing award and an annual Educational Grant for PT faculty
  • Developed an online networking tool for sharing interprofessional education
  • Submitted a manuscript to  PTJ on a survey of how academic educators define, teach and assess clinical reasoning
  • Developed of a task force to build research trained faculty

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