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ACAPT annual membership dues are $2,500 per separately accredited program. The dues season is July 1 - June 30.  Invoices are sent to each accredited program in the spring of each year.

Dues are for 12 months of membership and are not pro-rated during the dues season. To request an invoice, contact acapt@acapt.org. Payment of ACAPT dues by Member Institutions shall constitute application for and admission to membership. Member Institutions shall identify their Representative each year at the time dues are paid.

Institutions of higher education located in the United States of America with a physical therapist education program that obtain initial accreditation from CAPTE in the fall may pay an one-time only half dues of $1,250 between January 1 - June 7 in the year following their fall accreditation. 

Individual Members of accredited programs do not pay dues.

A Member Institution whose dues have not been received by forty five (45) calendar days before the Annual Meeting shall be considered to be in arrears and its membership rights shall be suspended.  If the dues are not received within fourteen (14) calendar days before the Annual Meeting, the membership shall be automatically revoked and the membership rights of the institution shall terminate.  The Annual Meeting of ACAPT is considered the business meeting at the Education Leadership Conference (ELC) usually held in October each year. A Member Institution whose membership has been revoked due to nonpayment of dues may be readmitted upon payment of dues.

To submit a payment in order to join ACAPT, contact acapt@acapt.org.

Who We Are

The American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) is a not-for-profit association dedicated to excellence in physical therapist education programs as a whole.

The best minds in academic PT are here.  Our organizational membership includes over 95% of all U.S.-accredited physical therapist programs. We serve and represent the staff of these 242 PT educational institutions, including:

  • faculty,
  • clinical partners, and
  • academic administrators and leaders. 

What We Do

ACAPT develops the entrepreneurial leadership skills of PT academic staff so they can develop tomorrow's physical therapy leaders in health care.

We create methods to benchmark excellence in PT education.

We're expanding and promoting educational research.

We advance innovative clinical education models.

We promote professional and community service.

We collaborate with organizations representing health professional education.

We invite you to engage with ACAPT to define and deliver excellence and innovation in academic physical therapy:

  • ACAPT's eight consortia are forums to focus on specific areas of shared interest.
  • When necessary for ongoing tasks, we've developed standing committees.
  • When large, short-term undertakings are required, we form task forces.

Celebrating APTA's Centennial



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