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ACAPT Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is designed to support the following ACAPT strategic initiatives:

  • Identify and cultivate the resources to achieve excellence in academic physical therapy;
  • Support and position physical therapy programs to adapt to changing higher education environments and to lead innovation in academic physical therapy; and
  • Develop a leadership and/or teaching fellowship program.

This initiative is intended to supplement the Education Leadership Institute, which ACAPT is also committed to supporting.

Development of resources to achieve excellence was identified as a key priority for 2015 and continues to be a key area of concern. The future of excellence in academic physical therapy is intimately tied to having a plentiful pool of leaders who have conscientiously and deliberately prepared themselves to provide the superior leadership required to affect such excellence.

The ALA is comprised of the groups shown below:

  • Leadership Oversight Committee

Charge: Responsible to the ACAPT Board of Directors for the overall planning and implementation of the strategic initiatives noted above. The intent is to recognize the role of leadership in healthcare beyond the academy and the development of leadership in students but to emphasize development of leadership in the academy.  This committee of visionary leaders, shown below, provide oversight of the groups shown below.  

  • Resource Development Group

Charge: Identify available resources in leadership – websites, publications, people, workshops, programs, etc.  Work with the communication committee to develop a plan to communicate the availability of these resources, monitor and update the resources, identify areas of need, etc. 

  • Mary Kay Dockter, Chair
  • Denise Gaffigan Bender
  • Gregory Scott Dedrick
  • Jill Heitzman 
  • Thom Werner, LDOC liaison

  • Social Media and Online Presence Group
    • Scott Euype, Chair
    • Kendra Gagnon
    • Dianne Jewell
    • Megan O’Neill
    • Lisa VanHoose, LDOC liaison

  • Student Leadership Development Group

Charge: Identify ways to target students with leadership activities and work with students to identify academic roles as career paths and encourage students to consider PhD programs. Identify other possibilities and plans to incorporate leadership development for students at the national level. 

  • Daniel Dale, Chair
  • Lori Bordenave
  • Skye Donovan
  • Carrie Clark Hawkins
  • Jennifer Green-Wilson
  • Joseph Lipsky
  • Scott McAfee
  • Nan Hyland, LDOC liaison
  • Leadership Summit Planning Group

Charge: Design a series of Leadership Development Summits to empower faculty and program leadership to create vision, plan for change, develop resources to support new initiatives, and effect promotion and growth in the academy.

  • Paula Smith, Chair
  • Julia Chevan
  • Marcia Himes
  • Michelle Mulhall
  • Yasser Salem
  • Janette Scardillo
  • Tony English, LDOC liaison

    The Leadership Development Committee Team

    • Janet Bezner, Chair
    • Barb Tschoepe
    • Stephanie Kelly
    • Tony English
    • Thom Werner
    • Lisa Van Hoose
    • Nanette Hyland
    • Nancy Reese - ACAPT Board Liaison
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