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Clinical Education Panels

The ACAPT Strategic Initiative Panels were formed in response to 3 of the ‘Harmonizing Recommendations’ developed at the 2014 Clinical Education Summit. A short presentation on the journey from the Clinical Education Summit to the reports of the panels is available here: The final report from the Summit 

The panels were formed to address each of these recommendations and work was initiated at CSM in 2016.  The panels began their work in early 2016 and presented their recommendations to the ACAPT Board in June of 2017.  In October 2017 at ELC, motions will be presented to the membership related to the panel recommendations.   

As the Coordinator for the ACAPT Strategic Initiative Panels it is my pleasure to present the final work from these panels. We are hopeful that these reports and supporting materials will aid in your review of the panels’ work in preparation for ELC in October.

The recommendations from the panels have been presented to the Board of Directors and several have been developed as motions to come before the membership. Once membership decisions are complete, the Board will take additional action to support the members’ decisions. The motions, if adopted, will lay a strong foundation of consistency in language and expectations; all identified as necessary by the clinical education community. 

The following materials have been developed to guide your review of the panels’ work. 

Compiled Report:
There are 3 components to this report: 
Summary – this contains an overview of the process and the final work products from each panel. 
Recommendations for consideration – this includes the recommendations from each panel that were presented to the ACAPT Board.
• Final reports from panels – this is the comprehensive final report from all 3 panels. It contains the detailed methodology each group undertook that led to the final results. 

All 3 components have been combined into a single PDF with bookmarks to ensure that all information is easily accessible for review.

Discussion Forums:
A discussion board has been created for each of the three panels. These discussion areas will be monitored by the panel chairs. Please post questions or comments and we will work to facilitate discussion in advance of ELC.

Webinar Overviews: 
Short presentations on the work of each panel is available for your listening enjoyment! These high-level overviews are intended to supplement the written reports and highlight the recommendations from each panel that will come before the membership in October. The links to the recording can be found under the tab for each panel below.

Motions for Meeting:
The motion language is posted on the ACPAT website. Some of the recommendations have been combined into a single motion and others are reflected as Board action and referenced in the motion support statements.

Thank you for your active engagement in this process.

Shawne E Soper, PT, DPT, MBA
Coordinator of the ACAPT Strategic Initiative Panels

Panel on Simulation in Physical Therapy
Common Terminology Panel
Student Readiness Panel
Integrated Clinical Education Panel

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