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Sunsetted Committees

ACAPT Sunsetted Committees are those that have served their purpose successfully; reaching the end of their cycle.

Cultural Transformation Steering Committee

This committee represents the original Cultural Transformation Task Force that included 33 members before being sun-setted in March 2013. The charge to this group was to determine how to respond to the strategic priority to "develop a framework to integrate clinical education into academic physical therapy." The Steering Committee suggested the following three actions for the Council Board:

  • REFRAME THE PRIORITY such that it guides us to seek best practices throughout education rather than assuming that clinical education is not integrated into the framework for physical therapy education. The long range goal under which this priority lies is to "Foster a culture of innovation, intellectual engagement and leadership among faculty in all of their roles within the council and professional community". The Steering Committee is proposing that the priority be re-phrased to read (preliminarily) "Develop a framework for physical therapist education that to lead educational innovation in response to changes in health care and higher education." Re-writing this priority opens the possibilities for thinking and speaking differently about needs for change.
  • CREATE A WHITE PAPER (preliminarily) entitled "External Forces Driving Change in Professional Education" that would detail the myriad factors in health care and higher education that affect the landscape of PT education and suggest responses that are reflective of these factors. Topics should include the dynamics of health care reform, philosophical change in undergraduate and graduate education environments and specific changes in PT education that respond to these dynamics. APTA staff is considering the need for papers framing the changes that require response in practice, education and research. We will work together to determine if our needs would be met by staff, collaborating with staff or seeking an author elsewhere.
  • HOLD A CONFERENCE entitled (preliminarily) "Innovation and Entrepreneurship in PT Education" that expands our knowledge about the multiple aspects of entrepreneurship and how we can use this to create innovative solutions to the future needs of PT education. The Board has accepted my offer to assist in planning the next ELC with leaders from the Education Section, volunteers from the Council and APTA staff.
A New Generation of Physical Therapists on the move
A New Generation of Physical Therapists on the move

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