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Transition Advisory Committee

Transition Advisory Committee

Created October 2022


To provide thoughtful input on the transition process for ACAPT’s new organizational structure and to facilitate the transition effectively and efficiently for each consortium.


A member from each ACAPT consortium and a member of the Nominating Committee.

  • Clinical Reasoning Assessment & Curricula (CRAC) Consortium Chair Chris Sebelski
  • Consortium for Humanities, Ethics & Professionalism (CHEP) Consortium Chair Harsha Deoghare
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Consortium Chair Bernadette York
  • Early Assurance BS/DPT Consortium Chair Kim Ferriera
  • Education & Pedagogy Consortium (EPC) Chair Shawn Drake
  • National Consortium of Clinical Educators (NCCE) Chair Janice Howman
  • National Interprofessional Education Consortium (NIPEC) Chair Kimberly Beran-Schepler
  • ACAPT Nominating Committee Chair Jill Heitzman
  • Research in Physical Therapy Programs (RIPPT) Consortium Chair Mary Shall
  • Simulation in Physical Therapy Education Consortium (SIPTEC) Chair Nicki Silberman


One year - through the Physical Therapy Education Leadership Conference (ELC) 2023


  • Work closely with the Board during the organizational transition as a sounding board/reactor panel, providing feedback throughout the process.
  • Assist in the crafting of messaging to consortium leaders and members as well as ACAPT members and any meetings of those groups whether virtually or in-person such as at ELC.
  • Assist with identifying strong prospects for the positions of Institute Chair and Vice Chair and encouraging them to consent to serve.
  • Support the Institute Chair, Vice Chair elections process by helping to promote member nominations. 
  • Provide input on the job descriptions for the Institute Chair, Vice Chair.
  • Provide feedback on the Board-suggested task forces. *
  • Provide input on the job description for the task forces.
  • Recommend to the Board and Institute leadership the individuals for appointment who have consented to serve on a task force or others not considered but who would lend expertise to the outcomes.
  • Suggest strategies for ACAPT to continue member communication and engagement.
  • Evaluate the transition process and institute implementation and provide recommendations to the Board at ELC 2023. *
  • Provide recommendations on communication strategies between Institutes, task forces, and membership.

    *  suggested for organized meetings; all other may be conducted electronically

Guiding principles

  • Actively participate in helping to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • Act in the best interests of the organization.
  • Abide by and support decisions made by the Board, putting aside personal opinions.
  • Always represent the organization in a positive and supportive manner.
  • Work collaboratively with staff and the Board as partners toward achievement of our goals.
  • Maintain safeguards to protect against the untimely disclosures of proposed actions and policy to avoid potential confusion resulting from premature dissemination of information. 
  • Strictly maintain the confidentiality of all privileged or sensitive discussions and information provided to me to safeguard the organization’s reputation and integrity, as well as the privacy rights of individuals connected with the organization and the Board. 

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