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National Interprofessional Education Consortium (NIPEC)

The National Interprofessional Education Consortium (NIPEC) shall advance physical therapy as an integral component of Interprofessional education and practice through collaboration with other organizations nationally and internationally. The consortium shall serve as a resource and forum for faculty at ACAPT member institutions involved in Interprofessional education efforts, and promote Interprofessional education and collaborative practice within the physical therapy community through APTA.

Thank you for joining us at our networking happy hour at CSM 2018 in NOLA!

Thank you for participating in our annual working meeting during ELC in Columbus, Ohio! Look under the "Minutes" tab for a summary of the productive discussions.

*For issues or suggestions on the NIPEC website, please contact Samantha Brown (skbrownPT@gmail.com)

NIPEC Application

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The National Interprofessional Education Consortium (NIPEC) shall advance physical therapy as an integral component of Interprofessional education and practice through collaboration with other organizations nationally and internationally. The consortium shall serve as a resource and forum for faculty at ACAPT member institutions involved in Interprofessional education efforts, and promote interprofessional education and collaborative practice within the Physical Therapy community through APTA.

Leadership Team Positions

The ACAPT National Interprofessional Education Consortium (NIPEC) will hold elections in the spring-summer during the ACAPT election cycle.  If you are a member of NIPEC, you are registered to vote. If you have not yet joined NIPEC, do so now by clicking on the Request to Join Box above. As with any organization, formation of a leadership team is representative of its members who vote.

Persons elected to a leadership position are expected to attend the annual APTA Education Leadership Conference where the NIPEC annual business meeting will be held, in addition to monthly teleconferences.

NIPEC Leadership Positions and Description of Responsibilities:

The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings of the Consortium and shall be an Exofficio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. S/he shall be the designated liaison to the ACAPT Board of Directors unless otherwise determined by the NIPEC Board of Directors. The Chairperson will assure currency of essential information on the ACAPT NIPEC Website and attend the ACAPT annual meeting.

Vice Chair:
The Vice Chairperson shall assume the duties of the Chairperson at the request of the Chairperson or in the absence or incapacitation of the Chairperson and oversee NIPEC ad hoc committees as a voting committee member.  The Vice Chair shall serve as the Parliamentarian during the Annual and Special meetings. The Vice Chair shall represent the NIPEC related to any Program Planning responsibilities for ELC. 

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of all NIPEC and Board meetings; notify NIPEC members of the date, time, and place of NIPEC meetings; maintain the NIPEC’s archives and correspondence; and make NIPEC’s minutes and rules and regulations available to the membership and to ACAPT’s executive office. 

Nominating Committee Member:
The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members.  Those eligible to serve are NIPEC members elected by the membership for three (3) year terms, with one (1) member being elected each year.  The senior member of the committee shall serve as Committee Chair for the last year of his/her term.

The nominating committee shall prepare a slate of one (1) or more names for each office to be filled.  The slate (i.e. list of candidates) shall be published on the NIPEC website and distributed to the membership prior to the election.  The Nominating Chair will provide the slate, together with the information on each candidate, at least 30 days in advance of the election.


Chair will provide the slate, together with the information on each candidate, at least 30 days in advance of the election The Directors at Large shall serve on the Board of Directors to provide broad-based input into the decision making process of the leadership team and assist with dissemination of information to the membership. They will serve as a liaison where assigned and perform such other duties as may be applicable to the office or as directed by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Consortium.

Meet the NIPEC Leadership Team

NIPEC Leadership and Board Member Information

NIPEC Leadership Team

  • Chair: Cheryl Resnik, PT, DPT, FNAP, FAPTA
  • Vice Chair: Samantha Brown, PT, DPT
  • Secretary: Kimberly Beran-Shepler, PT, DPT, OCS


  • Myles Quiben, PT, PhD, DPT, MS, GCS, NCS, CEEAA
  • Shelene Thomas, PT, DPT, EdD, GCS
  • Holly H. Wise, PT, PhD, FNAP 
  • Stephen D. Jernigan, PT, PhD, FNAP
  • Mary Sinnott, PT, DPT

Nominating Committee

  • Chair: Chad Lairamore, PT, PhD, NCS, GCS, FNAP
  • Beth P. Davis, PT, DPT, MBA
  • Amber Fitzsimmons, PT, MS, DPTSc

ACAPT Liaisons

  • Mary Blackinton, PT, EdD, GCS, CEEAA
  • Sandy Brooks

NIPEC held a networking happy hour at CSM 2018 in New Orleans, LA. Thanks to those that joined us!

Thank you to all who participated in the working meeting at ELC 2017 in Columbus, Ohio!  The minutes have been posted - check out the summary of our discussions covering 4 major topics!

Other upcoming conferences:

CAB VII 2019 Date and US location TBA.
IPEC Institute April 30 - May 2 in Washington, DC and 2018 Fall Institute in Phoenix, AZ
NEXUS Summit July 21-29 in Minneapolis, MN
National Academies of Practice Forum  April 13-14 in Atlanta, GA
REACH IPE Conference April 19-20 in Conway, AR
All Together Better Health IX September 3-6 2018, Auckland, New Zealand

*Please see NIPEC's "Resources" tab for a list of organizations that hold regular Conferences and Workshops for the most up-to-date information*

One of NIPEC's primary initiatives is to connect people and institutions in an effort to further develop interprofessional education and practice. Please use this list to find partners in IPE and collaborative practice and to connect with others who may provide invaluable resources.

NIPEC Members

2018 Election Results

Congratulations to our newly elected NIPEC officers and committee member! New officers will be introduced during the 2018 NIPEC annual meeting at the APTA Education Leadership Conference (ELC) in Jacksonville, FL (October 12-14th); all elected officers should plan to attend this meeting. Terms of office begin immediately following the NIPEC annual business meeting at ELC. Elected officers will serve their respective terms or until the election of their successors yet not to exceed 2 consecutive terms. Election of officers is staggered. 

Vice Chair: One elected for a 2 year term, 2018-2020

  • Dee Schilling

Directors at Large: Three elected for a two year term, 2018-2020 

  • Amy Nordon-Craft
  • Yasser Salem
  • Robert Wellmon   

Nominating Committee Member: One elected for a three year term (2018-2021) will serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee 2020-2021. Note, this is not a board position.

  • Brandy Schwarz

We would like to thank all those who ran for office. We had a very well qualified pool of candidates this election cycle and encourage anyone interested in running for NIPEC office next year to contact our nominating committee chair, Chad Lairamore (chadl@uca.edu).

We also invite those who would like to be more involved in the NIPEC to contact Cheryl Resnik (resnik@usc.edu) to learn more about joining one of our work group initiatives.   

Call for Candidates

The call for candidates for the 2018 election cycle has ended. Thank you to our nominating committee for organizing an experienced slate of candidates.  If you would like to learn more about holding a future NIPEC board position, please contact a member of the nominating committee:

CSM 2018

Thank you to those that joined us for our NIPEC networking happy hour during CSM 2018 in New Orleans, LA!

ELC 2017

Thank you to all who attended the NIPEC 2017 Annual Meeting during ELC in Columbus, Ohio! Check the minutes section for a summary of the discussions at our working meeting.

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