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Get Involved with ACAPT

Welcome to the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT)!

ACAPT's mission is to support academic institutions to strive for excellence in physical therapist education.  See more about who ACAPT is here.

Below are the top ways you can get involved and stay informed:

  1. Make sure your educational institution is an ACAPT member.

  2. Tell your colleagues, including faculty and clinical partners who are APTA members, to create an ACAPT individual membership account. 

    All the faculty, clinical educators and academic administrators at an ACAPT member institution who are also APTA members can set up individual memberships for free.  When creating their membership account, they can also opt-in for the free, bi-monthly ACAPT enewsletter.  

  3. Designate your Director of Clinical Education (DCE) or another faculty member directly involved with your clinical education program to be a representative to ACAPT's National Consortium of Clinical Educators (NCCE)

    It’s easy and free to join: Academic programs simply need to identify a clinical partner and then register your NCCE Academic & Clinical Institutional Pair. See benefits and NCCE’s FAQs here.

  4. Join a consortia - it's free for ACAPT inidividual members! 

    Consortia are a way for academic & clinical professionals to discuss specific physical therapy education subjects in an ongoing forum. Refer your fellow faculty, clinical educators, and academic administrators to the consortia that are appropriate for them.
  • Clinical educators (NCCE)
  • Clinical reasoning (CRCAC)
  • Diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI)
  • Early assurance BS/DPT programs
  • Education & pedagogy (EPC)
  • Humanities, Ethics & Professionalism (CHEP)
  • Interprofessional education (NIPEC)
  • Research-intensive/PhD programs (RIPPT)
  • Simulation (SIPTEC)

5.  Participate in ACAPT's National Physical Therapy Student Honor Society.

6.  Subscribe to the PT Education Research Network listserv and post your thoughts and questions to your peers.

7.  Sign up to be a mentor or mentee with the PT Education Research Network.

8.  Check out ACAPT's Physical Therapist Clinical Education Glossary and implement these terms at your institution.

9.  Attend an upcoming ACAPT event, including the annual Educational Leadership Conference (ELC) in October.  And check out recorded events here.

10.  Connect with ACAPT on social media: Facebook,  Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

11.  Post your open positions (or your resume) to ACAPT's Career Center.

12.  ACAPT member reps can join this online discussion forumClinical educators can join this forum.

13.  Volunteer with a task force or committee on a specific issue facing the PT academic community. ACAPT's board of directors designates the participants after soliciting interest from members.  See current volunteer opportunities here.

14.  Check out the Leadership Compass online development tool.

15. Review ACAPT's traffic rules for admissions.

16. Check out ACAPT governance topics below:

Celebrating APTA's Centennial



Stay Informed & Up-To-Date with ACAPT

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