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GAMER - Grantsmanship and Mentorship in Education Research

Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC)

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The Application Site for the Nov 14-17, 2019 workshop application deadline has been extended to June 28.  Use this link to apply today: https://redcap.musc.edu/surveys/?s=X4NPYMR8HP

Below is information you may find useful in order to prepare.  Subscribe to the ACAPT newsletter to make sure you're aware of deadlines for application submissions or other updates.

About the workshop: This 4-day intensive workshop provides participants with the expertise and support to be successful at the national level in obtaining funding for education research. We bring together a nationally recognized group of mentors and consultants as faculty, including representatives from potential funding agencies, to support participants work. The workshop provides guidance in developing robust and theoretically grounded research agendas, research design and analysis (multiple methods), identifying “best-bet” funding sources, grant writing and budgeting, and creating intra- and inter-institutional collaborative research networks and projects. Some didactic sessions are included but the centerpieces of the workshop are one-on-one mentoring and the opportunity for participants to interact with a community of scholars and representatives from organizations that fund education research

To provide these exceptional opportunities, we are targeting having 16 mentees the workshop. Selection of participants is competitive. Once participants (mentees) are identified, they will be paired with mentors with experience and expertise in their area of investigation. Engagement of mentors and mentees will occur prior to, during, and following the workshop to develop sound education research proposals that maximize chances for successful funding and publication. The overall aim is to create and expand a cadre of highly-qualified, networked and productive education researchers who will advance the science of physical therapist education, make significant contributions to the literature, and ultimately enhance education and practice today and in the future. 

UPDATE: Applications will open May 1 and close June 28: The GAMER application consists of submitting five documents online. Those include two letters of support, your biosketch, your faculty mentor's biosketch and your research plan. Please have your biosketch and research plan in final form before you submit.  Decisions will be made by August 1.  Submit your application using this link: https://redcap.musc.edu/surveys/?s=X4NPYMR8HP

Document 1: Research Plan 
No More than 3 Pages 
References may be additional page(s)

Specific Aims – Not more than 1 page
1. Research questions and/or hypotheses to be tested
2. Potential impact of research, innovative features 

Research Overview and Design – Not more than 2 pages
1.  Background (brief review of relevant literature and rationale)
2.  Significance of this project (implications for the field)
3.  Theoretical or conceptual framework for the research
4.  Description of research design and methods; qualitative and/or quantitative methods applicable to proposed research questions; data analysis approach/plan
5.  Identification of potential intra- or inter-institutional collaborators if applicable; team member roles/skills.

Note: It is important to clearly convey the Research Aims, Significance and Innovation in the proposal narrative.

Document 2: NIH Biosketch
NIH Biosketch form
A sample Biosketch can be found here and used as a guide.

Document 3: Letter of Support by Department Chair or Division Head 
Must be from registrant's institution or, if senior trainee, in institution where faculty position is anticipated.
The letter of support should contain the following information:
a.  Commitment to provide registrant's cost of travel and registration fee for the workshop.
b.  Willingness to provide protected time for registrant to prepare for and participate in the 4-day workshop, to complete and submit proposal for funding to an external funding source, and, if funded, to execute the proposed research.

Document 4: Letter of Support by Research or Senior Faculty Mentor 
The letter of support should contain the following information:
a.  Potential of registrant as an academic faculty member and as a researcher.
b.  Adequacy of training and research experience to be competitive for an external research grant from a federal or nationally recognized funding agency; or a research training award.
c.  Overview of registrant's research topic, planned approach, availability of necessary facilities, resources, and expertise/support.
d.  Mentor's qualifications (e.g. history of extramural grant funding is most desirable) and plans for supporting the registrant in planning and writing a competitive research proposal. For the strongest application, the letter from institutional mentor should also include evidence of past and present mentoring interactions with mentee.

Document 5: Faculty Mentor’s Biosketch (NIH biosketch is a good format)
This will help to put the mentor’s letter of support in context.
: $2,000 (paid by applicant's institution)
Workshop Dates: November 14-17, 2019
Location: Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), Charleston, SC

Contact Rick Segal at segal@musc.edu with questions.

GAMER flyer 2019


One of the things that I took away from our meeting in September was the need to celebrate when a grant was submitted.  So, today I wanted to share and celebrate with all of you that I submitted for a $20,000 grant (internal to my college) to specifically investigate excellence in collaboration.

Please know that all of you had a part in making this happen.  I am excited about the progress I made since GAMER, and I have to thank Elizabeth for working with me on this project since we left Charleston.

I will keep you all posted.  Whether or not the money comes through with this proposal, I am vested in continuing to pursue funding in order to execute the work needed in education." - Amy M. Yorke, PT, PhD


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