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Event Details

Cultivating a Growth Mindset in DPT Students


Webinar: May 1st from 1:00-2:00pm Eastern

To expand dialogue on the ACAPT-ELC 2018 Leadership Summit, entitled, “Your Leadership Mindset: Think Big, Act Boldly”, we have invited Dr. Jennifer Green-Wilson to present our May 1st webinar to highlight key principles of mindset that support/hinder growth, offer pragmatic strategies to faculty on how to cultivate Growth Mindsets in our DPT students and share pearls from those who brought summit ideas into their classrooms and clinical learning environments following the 2018 Fall Summit.  

Program Description:
Mindset – a person’s own attitudes, beliefs, and expectations - acts as a foundation of who they are and the ways they interact and connect with others.  Mindset influences how individuals see, interpret and respond to situations.  Mindset influences decisions and actions, and can either help or prevent individuals from fulfilling their own or their teams’ potential.  
DPT students choose how to interpret challenges, opportunities, and setbacks. They exhibit differing mindsets that influence actions, successes and failures. Faculty mentorship and teaching environments are instrumental in fostering or deterring growth mindsets that encourage learning.  Messaging that ‘potential’ can change and grow, and that great things are accomplished through practice, risk taking, and learning is essential to adopting a mindset that can reinvent ‘self’ and strengthen influence.  Shifting a mindset requires individuals to examine how they engage with others, evaluate opportunities, approach situations, and make decisions.  Mentorship approached from a growth mindset can challenge students to break out of their comfort zone to stretch their capacity. This passionate dedication to stretching potential, especially when things are not going as expected, is a vital characteristic of effective mentorship. 
In this program, emphasis will be placed on examining the pragmatic role faculty play to cultivate a growth mindset in DPT students to optimize student learning and development. Participants will learn how to facilitate a shift in mindset proactively and why it matters.  
Program Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Discover behaviors that differentiate a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.
2. Examine how mindsets influence decisions and actions.
3. Explore faculty role in fostering mindset and shift in mindset of DPT students.
4. Examine how to cultivate a growth mindset and why it matters.
5. Learn pragmatic ideas for fostering growth mindsets from experiences of others. 

Registrants are encouraged to read reference # 3 above before the webinar: Dweck, C. S. (2016). Mindset: The New Psychology of Success . New York, New York: Balantine Books

1. Achor, S. (2018). The Happiness Advantage: How a Positive Brain Fuels Success in Work and Life. New York, New York: Crown Publishing Group.
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3. Dweck, C. S. (2016). Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. New York, New York: Balantine Books. 
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5. Pink, D. H. (2006). A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future. New York, New York: Riverhead Books.
Speaker Bio 

Dr. Jennifer Green-Wilson is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Healthcare Studies at The College at Brockport. She is also the principal of the Institute for Business Literacy and Leadership (also known as the Leadership Institute). She is a former Director of the Institute for Leadership in Physical Therapy (LAMP) for HPA the Catalyst of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), former member of the APTA Private Practice Section (PPS) Education Committee and recently served as a Director on the Board of Directors of the APTA.  Jennifer speaks nationally and internationally on topics related to leadership, business literacy, and management in healthcare, has been invited to submit short articles for APTA’s ‘Business Sense’ section of PT in Motion, and was awarded a national research grant from the HPA Section in 2009. Additionally, she was awarded HPA the Catalyst’s LAMPLighter Leadership Award in February 2014, the Rochester Hearing and Speech’s James DeCaro Leadership Award in 2017, and the 2019 RM Barney Poole Leadership Academy Award for Excellence in Leadership and Education from the Georgia Chapter of the APTA (PTAG). Dr. Green-Wilson works with several physical therapist programs and diverse health care organizations across the country, helping to strengthen the development of practice management, business literacy, and leadership skills at entry-level and in contemporary practice. Dr. Green-Wilson holds an Ed.D. degree in Executive Leadership from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY, a MBA degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and a BS degree in physical therapy from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 

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