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Webinar Information

Collaborative research through systematic reviews and meta-analysis (SRMA) webinar (RIPPT fifth webinar)



ACAPT's Research-Intensive Programs in Physical Therapy (RIPPT) promotes academic excellence by strengthening the community of research-intensive physical therapy programs in ACAPT. Individual members of ACAPT member institutions can join RIPPT for free.

The RIPPT seminar series is a monthly research-focused webinar that provides an interactive forum on topics of interest to the community of researchers in physical therapy and rehabilitation related fields.

    This month’s 60-minute seminar is hosted by a panel of three Physical Therapy faculty and a recent graduate who was mentored by two of the faculty to perform a SRMA, and has now gone on to become a faculty in a research-intensive university. The following sub-topics will be presented during this seminar:

    • The scope and relevance of SRMA in helping faculty developing a line of scholarly work.
    • The strength and value of collaboration between Tenured/Tenure Track faculty and Clinical faculty in developing research that has clinical relevance.
    • The student experience in working with faculty in developing and completing a SRMA and publishing it as a peer-reviewed manuscript. 

    Target audience: Faculty, post-docs, program directors/chairs, PhD students, and others interested in building collaborations between Clinical and Tenured/Tenure-track faculty and/or setting up a SRMA program.


    Learning objectives: The participant will reflect and identify:

    • A process of setting up a SRMA program within their Department or College.
    • A strategy to identify synergistic interests between clinical and tenured/tenure-track faculty to establish a line of research that includes a SRMA program.
    • Mentorship of DPT students in engaging them in performing SRMA.

    Fee: No-charge



      • Kimberly Morelli, PT, DPT, MTC, Clinical Professor and DPT Program Director, Department of Physical Therapy, Georgia State University
      • Anjanette Nunez, PT, DPT, Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Education, Division of Physical Therapy, Emory University
      • Gordon Warren, PhD, Distinguished University Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Georgia State University


      • Sujay Galen, PT, PhD, FHEA, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Physical Therapy, Georgia State University

      If you have any questions, contact events@acapt.org.

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