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Call for Volunteers

Dec 18, 2018

The ACAPT Board of Directors is establishing a new Task Force whose charge is to enhance academic programs’ awareness to the mental health and wellness needs of students and future clinicians. The task force will include volunteers representing multiple perspectives.

The objectives of the task force includes the following:

  1. Improve baseline understanding of challenges to student and clinician well-being;
  2. Raise the visibility of clinician stress and burnout; and
  3. To provide tools, resources and/or programming related to this area including research areas

Composition:  Task force members will include

  • a program director
  • a DCE
  • 2 faculty of ACAPT member institutions
  • 2 clinical instructors
  • 1 student, and
  • 1 student services/student affairs director

Qualifications for Serving:  All participants must be

  1. Faculty or clinical affiliates of an ACAPT Member Institution in good standing must maintain their ACAPT membership through the duration of the Task Force.Those ineligible for ACAPT membership must be a member in good standing of APTA.
  2. Student services personnel who are not physical therapists will need a letter of support from their ACAPT member Department Chair.
  3. All participants must be active. If not, the Task Force Chair must remove them.
  4. Present for votes.Adoption of any recommendations to the Board of Directors requires a majority vote of the Task Force members present at the time of the vote

Commitment:  The task force will hold monthly conference calls to meet deadlines and objectives and provide ongoing reports to the Board of Directors. Task force members will be required to sign an Assignment of Copyright to the ACAPT for any tools or products developed by the task force.

Apply:  Interested individuals should forward a copy of their CV and a one page summary that describes their qualifications, including the following:

  • Your primary area of practice
  • Number of years in practice
  • History of activity within ACAPT (leadership and other)
  • Reason for wanting to serve
  • Please identify the role you would serve on the task force if not identified in CV (e.g., DCE, faculty, clinical instructor, student, etc.)

The Board of Directors would appreciate ACAPT members helping recruit clinical instructor, student services staff, and student applicants.

Please send the above information by no later than June 8 to the ACAPT executive office at acapt@apta.org

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