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Education Research Network Mentorship Program

Would you like to learn more about education research in physical therapy? Or, are you an established scholar in the field who is ready to share their knowledge and experience with others? The Education Leadership Partnership has designed this Mentoring Program designed to help you!

This program is designed for academicians and clinicians looking to expand their knowledge to understand how learning takes place throughout a person’s life and how formal and informal contexts of education affect all forms of learning. Education research embraces the full spectrum of rigorous methods appropriate to the questions being asked and also drives the development of new tools and methods.

In this program, the learner is called a ‘Mentee’ (a.k.a. Protégé), and the expert or scholar providing the guidance is the ‘Mentor’. Read ‘How it works’ and follow the ‘Instructions for prospective mentees/protégés’ on this page, and follow the link to fill out your form to begin. If you are looking to become a Mentor, follow the ‘Instructions for prospective mentors’ on this page.

  • The Education Leadership Partnership maintains an expanding list of Mentors who are experts in education research.
  • Mentees can search the database and identify a Mentor with whom they would like to make contact. The Education Leadership Partnership will help to make the introduction.
  • Once the introduction takes place, it is up to the Mentee and Mentor to establish the framework and ground rules of their relationship (see documents below).
  • Mentees and mentors will be added to an email list to receive notification of education research mentoring events and opportunities, which may also be found here.

Instructions for prospective mentees/protégés:

  1. If you have already registered as a Mentee, you can Login to start searching and connecting with Mentors
  2. Or, to get started, you will need to register as a Mentee
  3. Next you will complete your Mentee Profile
  4. You will then be prompted to search for a mentor. You can search based on the same fields of the profile you created for yourself, or you can view the entire list of mentors. Select mentors who would fit your mentoring needs, the system will generate an email to the mentor with your request. If the mentor feels s/he has the resources to assist you, then you should hear from them via email to start the next steps of your mentorship.
  5. Review PT education research resources to prepare you to begin your mentoring relationship.

Instructions for prospective mentors:

  1. If you have already registered as a Mentor and completed your Mentor Profile, you can Login
  2. Or, to get started, you will need to register as a Mentor
  3. Next you will complete your Mentor Profile
  4. See the instructions above under the mentees/protégés to understand how the connection occurs. You may be matched with a mentee quickly. However, it may take longer to receive a mentoring request, depending on the interests of our mentees.

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