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Mentor List

PT Education Research Network Scholars

  • Ajit Singh, ajitsingh

    Phone: +919234611498
    Employer: Patna Women's College

  • Shawn Mintz, n/a

    Phone: 888-532-7503
    Employer: MentorCity

  • Patrick Pabian, PT, DPT, PhD

    Phone: 4078233457
    Employer: University of Central Florida

  • Diane Jette, PT, DPT, DSc, FAPTA

    Phone: 8029993747
    Employer: MGH Institute of Health Professions

  • Janet Bezner, PT, DPT, PhD, FAPTA

    Phone: 512-716-2659
    Employer: Texas State University

  • Christine McCallum, PT, PhD

    Phone: 3304907286
    Employer: Walsh University

  • Deborah Anderson, PT, EdD, MS, PCS

    Phone: 630-515-7281
    Employer: Midwestern University

  • Holly Wise, PT, PhD, FNAP

    Phone: 843.792.4051
    Employer: Medical University of SC

  • Raine Osborne, DPT, EdD(c), FAAOMPT

    Phone: 727-403-4862
    Employer: 1) Brooks Rehabilitation, 2) Univ. Of North Florida

  • Harshavardhan Deoghare, PhD PT

    Phone: 3528704390
    Employer: WesternU

  • Shala Cunningham, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT

    Phone: 8126302703
    Employer: Radford University

  • Michael Emery, PT, EdD, FAPTA

    Phone: 2034648809
    Employer: self

  • Karen Huhn, PT PhD

    Phone: 207-941-7620
    Employer: Husson University

  • Gail Jensen, PhD, PT, FAPTA

    Phone: 402-280-3727
    Employer: Creighton University

  • Lisa Dutton, PT, PhD

    Phone: 651-690-8126
    Employer: St. Catherine University

  • Laurita Hack, DPT, PhD, MBA

    Phone: 610-519-0107
    Employer: Temple University

  • Bruce Greenfield, PT, MA, PhD

    Phone: 404-712-4139
    Employer: Emory University

  • Elizabeth Mostrom, PT, PhD, FAPTA

    Phone: 989-774-2349
    Employer: Central Michigan University

  • Rebecca L Craik , PT, PhD

    Phone: 2155722143
    Employer: Arcadia University

  • Kevin Brueilly, PT, PhD

    Phone: 7042807923

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