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National Student Honor Society


Featured National Physical Therapist Honor Society Inductees

Tatiana Paz

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2021
Duke University School of Medicine

Gabriela Saavedra-Valencia, SPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2021
Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University of the Pacific

Zhuo Wang

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2021
University of Nebraska Medical Center

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National Honor Society Inductees

Listing of Users

Name Institution Year Inducted
Taylor Bussell Angelo State University 2022
Leighlin Ahlstrom St. Catherine University 2022
Allison Hohmann St. Catherine University 2022
James Keating St. Catherine University 2022
Amber Montero St. Catherine University 2022
Gabriella Wolter St. Catherine University 2022
Kaitlyn Bigner University of Cincinnati 2022
Sarah Doren University of Cincinnati 2022
Nicholas Duke University of Cincinnati 2022
Holly Lochtefeld University of Cincinnati 2022
Katie Preston University of Cincinnati 2022
CJ Duncan A.T. Still University 2021
Katherine Skerry A.T. Still University 2021
Zane Banschbach A.T. Still University of Health Sciences 2021
Taylor Hyde AdventHealth University 2021
Yarah Lugo AdventHealth University 2021
Madeline Miller AdventHealth University 2021
Karen Ault Angelo State University 2021
Samantha Mott Angelo State University 2021
Alexandria Pyle Angelo State University 2021
Austin Black Bellarmine University 2021
Katie Brownschidle Bellarmine University 2021
Hannah Koloski Bellarmine University 2021
Jordyn Milheiser Bellarmine University 2021
Trevor Claridge Belmont University 2021
Jei-Si Ang Boston University 2021
Kristin Edwards Boston University 2021
Colleen O'Rourke Boston University 2021
Cole Arnett Briar Cliff University 2021
Lindsey Groskreutz Briar Cliff University 2021
Christian Sanders Briar Cliff University 2021
Priscilla Chan Chapman University 2021
Emily Falcone Chapman University 2021
Alexa Hadinoto Chapman University 2021
Kyle Macey Chapman University 2021
Michelle Nguyen Chapman University 2021
Jade Santos Chapman University 2021
Rachel Birch Cleveland State University 2021
Rebecca Deuley Cleveland State University 2021
Lauren Hughes Cleveland State University 2021
Leah Neroni Cleveland State University 2021
Zachary Newton Cleveland State University 2021
Madison Orzech Cleveland State University 2021
Dajana Tomicic Cleveland State University 2021
Kelsey Smith College of Saint Scholastica 2021
Ariana Cesare Columbia University 2021
Alicia Costanza Columbia University 2021
Sean Elliott Columbia University 2021
Julia Feng Columbia University 2021
Aimee Fries Columbia University 2021