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National Student Honor Society


Featured National Physical Therapist Honor Society Inductees

Tatiana Paz

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2021
Duke University School of Medicine

Gabriela Saavedra-Valencia, SPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2021
Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University of the Pacific

Zhuo Wang

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2021
University of Nebraska Medical Center

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National Honor Society Inductees

Listing of Users

Name Institution Year Inducted
Jesus Aguilar 2024
Dominick Gamarro 2024
Kelsey McCartney 2024
Jacob Reid 2024
Emma Travis 2024
Samantha Nivison AdventHealth University 2024
Amanda Ortiz AdventHealth University 2024
Chase Stellinga AdventHealth University 2024
Taylor Trinh AdventHealth University 2024
Nicole Carlsburg Boston University 2024
Cassidy Friend Boston University 2024
Grace Gary Boston University 2024
Nicole Geraghty Boston University 2024
Quincy Slora Boston University 2024
Madelyn Plate Carroll University 2024
Emily Wong Carroll University 2024
Jenna Fossell College of St Scholastica 2024
Brooklyn Sandow College of St Scholastica 2024
Jesus Arellano Creighton University 2024
Michelle Bridgeman Creighton University 2024
Sunny Chuang Creighton University 2024
Lauren Conley Creighton University 2024
Jordan Ealey Creighton University 2024
Nicholas Garcia Creighton University 2024
Parker Joens Creighton University 2024
Jack Kobylka Creighton University 2024
Josh Link Creighton University 2024
Christina Thomas Creighton University 2024
Olivia Wulbert Creighton University 2024
Evan Yoshimitsu Creighton University 2024
Cameron Beam Indiana University 2024
Monica Chiddister Indiana University 2024
Abby Kiesel Indiana University 2024
Kelly Lentsch Indiana University 2024
Olivia Reed Indiana University 2024
Rachel Reynolds Indiana University 2024
Katelynn Toloday Indiana University 2024
Abigail Waterfill Indiana University 2024
Corinne Kearney Lebanon Valley College 2024
Jessica Kroboth Lebanon Valley College 2024
Taylor Meredith Lebanon Valley College 2024
Sarah Ortt Lebanon Valley College 2024
Kallista Russo Lebanon Valley College 2024
Angela Strock Lebanon Valley College 2024
Lauren Vandenberg Lebanon Valley College 2024
Taylor Zaranski Zaranski Lebanon Valley College 2024
Phillip Armentrout Medical University of South Carolina 2024
Lucy Ashmore Medical University of South Carolina 2024
Julianne Lutz Medical University of South Carolina 2024
Brooke Ward Medical University of South Carolina 2024