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National Student Honor Society


Featured National Physical Therapist Honor Society Inductees

Tatiana Paz

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2021
Duke University School of Medicine

Gabriela Saavedra-Valencia, SPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2021
Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University of the Pacific

Zhuo Wang

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2021
University of Nebraska Medical Center

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National Honor Society Inductees

Listing of Users

Name Institution Year Inducted
Megan Roberts Hardin-Simmons University 2021
Jade Shepherd Hardin-Simmons University 2021
Brianna Martin Hardin-Simmons University Department of Physical Therapy 2021
Kelsey Brunsman Indiana University 2021
Cara Emenhiser Indiana University 2021
Blake Miller Indiana University 2021
Elizabeth Sheridan Indiana University 2021
Erin Walsh Indiana University 2021
Aaron Weaver Indiana University 2021
Jacob Mundy Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 2021
Nicole Lescano Jefferson University 2021
Kerri Hesko Lebanon Valley College 2021
Megan Lynn Lebanon Valley College 2021
Morgan McCammitt Lebanon Valley College 2021
Melissa Metzker Lebanon Valley College 2021
Mariana Duenas Loma Linda University 2021
Christina Kwak Loma Linda University 2021
Tera Vaughn Loma Linda University 2021
Aaron Anderson Marist College 2021
Marisa Castiglia Marist College 2021
Jingkai Huo Marist College 2021
Caroline Kelly Marist College 2021
Georgea Mitas Marist College 2021
Radhika Patel Marist College 2021
Anna Clemmer Mary Baldwin University 2021
Kristen Dawson Mary Baldwin University 2021
Jane Gilford Mary Baldwin University 2021
Meagan Pritchard Mary Baldwin University - Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences 2021
Kaelie Harvey Maryville University 2021
Amanda Manera Maryville University 2021
Jon Newbold Maryville University 2021
Stephanie Sherwood Maryville University 2021
Megan Weichman Maryville University 2021
Amanda Mungenast Maryville University of Saint Louis 2021
Shannon Eaton Maryville University of St. Louis 2021
Maura Podorski Maryville University of St. Louis 2021
Kaley Ruff Maryville University of St. Louis 2021
Allison Verville Maryville University of St. Louis 2021
Kelli Woods Maryville University of St. Louis 2021
Brendan Keane MCPHS University 2021
allison morello MCPHS University 2021
Ian Phillips MCPHS University 2021
Angelica Maldonado mercy college 2021
Shelby Budai Mercy College 2021
Megan Cotta Mercy College 2021
Matthew Dittus Mercy College 2021
John Donnelly Mercy College 2021
Nicholas Rittersbach Mercy College 2021
Matthew Staback Mercy College 2021
Danielle Winkeleer Mercy College 2021