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National Student Honor Society


Featured National Physical Therapist Honor Society Inductees

Tatiana Paz

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2021
Duke University School of Medicine

Gabriela Saavedra-Valencia, SPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2021
Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University of the Pacific

Zhuo Wang

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Class of 2021
University of Nebraska Medical Center

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National Honor Society Inductees

Listing of Users

Name Institution Year Inducted
Rebecca Wellnitz Creighton University 2023
Kira Williamson Creighton University 2023
Christiana Vandegrift DeSales University 2023
Madalyn Weinberger DeSales University 2023
Jessica Yonney DeSales University 2023
Rosa Bartoletti Drexel University 2023
Erin Durnin Drexel University 2023
Kayla Hogan Drexel University 2023
Madalyn Lyman Drexel University 2023
Emily Seibert Drexel University 2023
Katy Vieira Drexel University 2023
Amanda Clarke Duke University 2023
Sarah Beth Dolinger Duke University 2023
Alexis Franks Duke University 2023
Morria Heilman Duke University 2023
Nicholle Lewis Duke University 2023
Sarah Martin Duke University 2023
Julianne Peters Duke University 2023
Frances Sariego Duke University 2023
Charlotte Selters Duke University 2023
Melissa Trujillo Duke University 2023
Pablo Almodovar Elon University 2023
Deanna DeMarco Elon University 2023
Annamarie Gluhosky Elon University 2023
Kaden Sutherland Franklin Pierce University 2023
Taylor Jezuit Franklin Pierce University-AZ 2023
Karim Mahmoud Franklin Pierce University-AZ 2023
Jonathan O'Neill Franklin Pierce University-AZ 2023
Elana Trejo Franklin Pierce University-AZ 2023
Megan Vea Franklin Pierce University-AZ 2023
Mackenzie Vigil Franklin Pierce University-AZ 2023
Allison Collins Franklin Pierce University-NH 2023
Ashley Hovan Franklin Pierce University-NH 2023
Nicole Patton Franklin Pierce University-NH 2023
Kaitlyn Rumford Franklin Pierce University-NH 2023
Christine Ott Gannon University - Florida 2023
Lauren Colston Georgia State University 2023
Logan Gordon Georgia State University 2023
Haley Worthy Georgia State University 2023
John Mittelbrun Grand Valley State University 2023
MacKenzie Sebesta Grand Valley State University 2023
Camden Brown Hardin-Simmons University 2023
Rylee Crawford Hardin-Simmons University 2023
Challis Davis Hardin-Simmons University 2023
Coleman Elms Hardin-Simmons University 2023
Shaley Goad Hardin-Simmons University 2023
Sara Harris Hardin-Simmons University 2023
Abby King Hardin-Simmons University 2023
John McGough Hardin-Simmons University 2023
Cameron Seymour Hardin-Simmons University 2023