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Enter Grant Data

Enter Grant Data

RIPPT Grant Data Entry

If you notice an error in your contact information, please let us know so we can change it.

Same Administrative Unit as PT Program
Other Department at Institution
This Institution
Another Institution

PT Faculty member with role on grant

Conditional Field

The date when your search begins, typically when your program was founded.,

include indirects

Include Indirects. Enter 0 for NCE.

Same as Current Year if PT Dept is grant's Home. Otherwise, Salary+Benefits to PT Faculty plus % remaining Direct Costs Credited to PT.

Use the "Add Grant" button to add as many grants as you have for your institution. Do not hit the submit button until all of your grants are entered.

How to Enter Grant Data

Select your institution from the drop down list. If your contact information is incorrect, please send the correction to buford.5@osu.edu. You can proceed with data entry – the information will be updated automatically when the change is made.

If the grant’s PI/Project director is at your institution, Choose This Institution. If the PI/PD is at another institution, choose Another Institution. In this case, the field labelled Grant’s Institution will appear, and you can enter the institution’s name there.

Likewise, if the administrative home of the grant (typically the department of the PI/PD) is in the same administrative unit (department, division, school, etc.) as the PT program, select that option. If the grant’s home is in another department/unit at your institution, choose that option. In this case, the field labeled grant’s Dept. will appear, you should enter that department’s name there.

For investigator name, put the name of the faculty member in your department and choose his/her role. If you have multiple investigators in your department on one grant, enter the name of the senior investigator here, and list additional faculty and their roles in the field labelled “additional information.”

Enter the grant’s title. If there is a project number, place that in the field for grant number. Include prefixes such as R01, K08, etc., where appropriate. The grant number should be the number used by the funding agency, not the internal number assigned by your institution. If the funding agency is NIH, the list of institutes will appear and you should select the appropriate one.

Enter the start date for the most recent period of support. For example, an R01 in its third renewal may have started in 2003, but it’s most recent renewal was in 2013; enter the start date in 2013 when the new award period began. For number of years, enter the total number of years in the current award (not the total number of years the grant has been running).

The total award dollars should include the entire award allocated to your institution, including indirect costs, for the current award. The current year should include the actual expenditures in the most recent budget year completed.

For the amount credited to PT, if the PI/PD is in PT and the grant‘s administrative home is also in PT (i.e., the same administrative unit), this should be the same as the current year. If the grant’s home is in another department, then enter the salary recovery that pays faculty and staff employed through the PT program’s administrative unit, plus the percent expenditure allocation credited to PT for all non-salary and non-equipment costs in the most recent budget year. For example, a grant has its home in another department, and there is on PI and 2 co-I’s. Both co-I’s are PT faculty. The university allocates 60% award credit to the other department (which provides the lab) and 40% to the PT program. The amount credited to PT would be the actual salary and benefits paid to the PT faculty from the grant, plus 40% of all other direct costs that were not salary or equipment.

Additional information should only be provided when needed. Good uses are to list additional faculty in the PT program on this same grant or to clarify dollar amounts where the guidelines provided above do not fit the situation and an alternative approach was required.

You will need to make one entry for each grant at your institution.

Thank you for entering your institution’s data into the website for benchmarking among the RIPPT programs.

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