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Publication Data

Enter Publication Data

RIPPT Benchmark Data Entry: Publications

If you notice an error in your contact information, please let us know so we can change it.

Enter the search terms you used to find the publications from your program

The date when your search begins, typically when your program was founded.,

End date for your search

How many publications have come from your program

Sum of the Times Cited

Sum of Times Cited without self-citations

Sum of Times Cited without self-citations

Sum of Times Cited without self-citations

Sum of Times Cited without self-citations

Sum of Times Cited without self-citations

You can print to a pdf, or take a screen shot and convert that to a pdf in another program. All we need to see is the upper part of the web of science report that has the graphs and the calculations.

You should only enter publications once for your program. This page is intended to represent total scholarly productivity for the program over time. So you should only hit submit once.

How to Enter Publication Data

Use web of science or whatever database best captures the publications from your program. We are asking for the most recent five years. Once you have a report that capture the standard data above, save it to a pdf file by choosing print – pdf from the print menu, or by taking a screen shot, pasting into a word processor file, and saving as pdf. You need not save all pages, just enough to verify the search so it could be independently reproduced.

Once you have your data, use the drop down box to select your institution. You will then see the name and email address of you contact(s) show. If these are not correct, please email buford.5@osu.edu to provide corrections. You can proceed with data entry – the information will update automatically

If/when the contact information is correct, type in the Search Terms used along with the start and end dates covered by the search along with the results. Then upload the pdf file for verification and submit.

The contact(s) will receive an email verifying the information entered. If you notice a mistake, please forward that email with corrections to buford.5@osu.edu

Thank you for entering your institution’s data into the website for benchmarking among the RIPPT programs.

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