ACAPT 2020 Annual Report: A Transformative Year

The American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) supports academic institutions to strive for excellence in physical therapist education

Greetings ACAPT Members,

The year of 2020 has been…interesting. While we’ve all faced many challenges and obstacles, it’s also been a great time to refocus on our strategic plans and priorities, including:

Listen to the 2020 ACAPT President's Report from Barb Sanders here. 

We know this year has been tough.  Thanks again to our unsung heroes - PT faculty, professional staff and clinical educators.

Barb Sanders, PT, PhD, SCS, FAPTA*
ACAPT President 2017-2020

Thank you to the full ACAPT Board of Directors.

Barb Sanders

Thank you to everyone who participated in ACAPT's September 2020 membership survey. 

The board is digesting all your valuable feedback now and will be using your priorities and input to update the upcoming strategic plan.   You can also review  ACAPT's mission, vision, core values and 2018 - 2021 strategic plan.