Diversity & Equity Inclusion

Commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI)

Continued action to increase representation

  • After its National Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Commission (NEDIC) Summit, ACAPT created 4 task forces to help increase representation among faculty and students from historically excluded racial and ethnic groups.  The task forces are focusing on:

    1. Systemic discrimination & racism mitigation
    2. Physical therapy education & career enhancement pathways
    3. Economic resources for students
    4. Culture of belonging within the profession

Though ACAPT's Federation of Association of Schools of the Health Professions (FASHP) membership & ACAPT Advocacy Committee, ACAPT also supported the following key diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) initiatives:

A 2023 Physical Therapy Education Leadership Conference (ELC) pre-con tackles how to mitigate microaggressions to foster belonging