Academic Innovation

Recognizing excellence

We encourage you to apply next March for ACAPT's 2024 awards:  

Thanks to the Awards & Recognition Committee for facilitating these opportunities.

Congrats to the ACAPT Diversity Award winners who attend the Fellowship in Higher Education Leadership (FHEL) this year.
National Physical Therapy Student Honor Society Delta Phi Tau

Congratulations to honor society students:

ACAPT's National Physical Therapy Student Honor Society recognizes excellence in DPT student population for all participating ACAPT member institutions. 

Nearly 2,000 students have been inducted since the program began in 2018.  Make sure your DPT program is participating!

Congratulations to the 2023 Physical Therapy Student Essay Contest Winners

ACAPT's Consortium for Humanities, Ethics & Professionalism (CHEP) joins the Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation (JHRto sponsor a judged writing competition designed to encourage deep thinking by physical therapy students about the role and value of humanities, ethics and professionalism in academic training and professional life. 

Photo of 2023 Student Essay Contest Winners