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Fostering excellence in academic physical therapy


New Institutes leaders & restructuring

ACAPT has taken its foundational Criteria for Excellence & Excellence Framework pillars to develop a more streamlined organizational structure that integrates these excellence principles into our day-to-day operations, governance, mission, and vision.

ACAPT members elected the new leaders for the new Institutes in June 2023 who will begin their terms in October 2023. New task forces offer opportunities for over 100 volunteers to add their voice to excellence in academic physical therapy.  

In the meantime, the board, committee and Institute leaders attended an orientation and planning meetings to jump start their transition and work on behalf of membership.

ACAPT Institute Chairs

ACAPT Institute chairs

ACAPT-Institute-academic advancement

The Institute for Teaching and Learning will support and promote curricular attributes that ensure outcomes of educational excellence. This Institute will:

  • Promote educational excellence.
  • Facilitate excellence in clinical education.
  • Foster curricular innovation.
  • Advance educational technology.
  • Integrate professional formation.

The 2024 task forces in this Institute will develop:

  • A systems approach to social determinants of health in PT curriculum
  • Programmatic strategies for ensuring student success
  • Simulation outcomes measures

The Institute for Academic Advancement will support and promote institutional characteristics that reflect an intentional pursuit of excellence.  This Institute will:

  • Encourage institutional programmatic and clinical development. 
  • Foster leadership excellence.
  • Advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Facilitate programmatic innovation.

The 2024 task forces for this Institute will:

  1. Establish a successful interprofessional education/collaborative practice (IPE/CP) program and partnership within an institution
  2. Promote the value proposition in academic physical therapy
  3. Develop best practices in admissions & retention at DPT programs
  4. Prepare prospective students for the academic rigor of DPT school
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ACAPT-Institute-scholarly inquiry

The Institute for Scholarly Inquiry will cultivate a culture of scholarship and research and ongoing assessment of outcomes in academic programs. This Institute will:

  • Support scientific research to grow the profession.
  • Encourage implementation of discoveries into practice and education.
  • Develop best practices for scientific, educational, and community-based research.
  • Cultivate research leadership and bolster educational preparation through research outcomes.

The 2024 task forces for this Institute will:

  1. Identify how to establish & sustain a culture of research in academic physical therapy
  2. Conduct a feasibility study for a research fellowship
  3. Conduct a feasibility study of mechanisms for knowledge dissemination on academic physical therapy

The Institute for Community Engagement will support and promote community and stakeholder engagement in the shared pursuit of excellence. This Institute will:

  • Promote educational and clinical partnerships.
  • Engage in societal health and wellness.
  • Enhance engagement across healthcare disciplines.

The 2024 task forces for this Institute will:

  • Explore career pathways for graduates of DPT programs
  • Identify means for building a sufficient workforce in physical therapy
ACAPT Institute community
Excellence framework for academic physical therapy

Center for Excellence

  • The Excellence Framework for academic physical therapy is a tool to inspire discussion and continuous improvement.

  • In January 2023, ACAPT conducted its 2nd Institutional Profile Survey within the new Center for Excellence online platform.

  • In the spring 2023, ACAPT worked with the Research-Intensive Programs in PT (RIPPT) to gather data on the prevalence of a research culture among DPT program to help start to set standards.

  • A faculty engagement & student engagement survey is being piloted in the fall 2023 and will roll out to all members in April 2024.

  • ACAPT Data and Technology Task Force. Excellence in Academic Physical Therapy: A Call for a Culture of Data Sharing will appear in the December 2023 issue of the Journal of Physical Therapy Education (JOPTE).

Blueprint for excellence, IPE & clinical reasoning

  • An ACAPT task force has been hard at work wrapping up their initial draft of a contemporary model for physical therapist education. The Blueprint for excellence: Essentials for a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program will be a continuously updated digital book to help current and developing programs structure their programs for success.

  • A new interprofessional education (IPE) compendium includes practical plans for IPE & a scoping review.

  • In April 2023, ACAPT & Creighton University held a Clinical Reasoning Symposium to discuss innovative & forward-thinking ideas for facilitation & assessment of clinical reasoning.

  • ACAPT's Education Research Committee presented Fostering Excellence in PT Education Research: Results of the ACAPT Education Research Committee Survey at ELC 2022 and will have an article in an upcoming Journal of Physical Therapy Education (JoPTE).