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Institute Task Forces

Apply now to serve on one of many task forces being formed to address challenges and opportunities in physical therapy.  Deadline: Monday, October 23, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Click links below to review each task force's full charge before submitting your consent to serve in an appointed position.  Please share these opportunities with others; we are open to candidates who are outside of our profession or non-members.

Activity for each task force will begin by not later than January 1, 2024 but may occur as early as November 2023 if appointments have been fulfilled & members are ready to begin their work.  To manage our resources, funds to support the work will not be made available until January 2024. Further timeline detail is in links below.

Institute for Academic Advancement Task Forces

Institute for Teaching & Learning Task Forces

Institute for Scholarly Inquiry Task Forces

Institute for Community Engagement Task Forces

Task force member responsibilities

  • Meet or communicate at least monthly via conference calls & emails to review tasks completed & next steps to meet project milestones. 
  • May meet at CSM in person or virtually.  The budget will determine if/what resources are available to support such a meeting.
  • Conclude task force work by December of the calendar year in which they were created.* 
  • Institute Chair & Vice Chair will conduct a virtual meeting quarterly with all task force chairs and vice chairs within that Institute to evaluate progress on their charge and to address any barriers or potential changes needed to their charge in response to changes in the profession.
  • The task force will submit information to the Institute Chair and Vice Chair that may reflect their activity during the year and reported in ACAPT’s annual report, which is created in August and disseminated online to members in September.
  • Task forces should be prepared to discuss their activity with ACAPT members at the Physical Therapy Education Leadership Conference (ELC) during a networking event created for the Institute.
  • The final work product(s) will reside on ACAPT’s website and shall be an ACAPT product.

* If a task force needs more time than the calendar year for which they were created, the Chair of the task force will notify the Institute Chair.  Together, they will evaluate what is causing the delay, evaluate if there are new circumstances informing the work not previously identified, and if there are additional resources needed.  If the need for additional time is determined necessary by the Institute Chair, they will submit a request to the Board for an extension, to include how that may impact resources. 

The Board will make an assessment based on the charge, needed outcomes, and resources available and either extend the work for a limited time, expand the size of the task force to increase productivity to meet the charge and timeline, or disband the task force.

Begin the application process.

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