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Member Benefits

All faculty at ACAPT member institutions can set up their free ACAPT member account here to access all benefits! 

Current Benefits

Four new Institutes to operationalize the Criteria for Excellence & Excellence Framework: Responsive to ACAPT’s strategic plan, informed by members &addressing ongoing challenges, threats & opportunities in the profession.

The institutes will serve as a hub for resources & networking, including task forces designed to support member institutions.

Institute for Academic Advancement to support & promote institutional characteristics reflecting an intentional pursuit of excellence. Will encourage institutional programmatic & clinical development; foster leadership excellence; advance diversity, equity, and inclusion; & facilitate programmatic innovation.

Institute for Teaching & Learning to support & promote curricular attributes ensuring outcomes of educational excellence. Will help encourage educational excellence; facilitate excellence in clinical education; foster curricular innovation; advance educational technology; & integrate professional formation.

Institute for Scholarly Inquiry to cultivate a culture of scholarship & research & ongoing assessment of outcomes in academic programs. Will support scientific research to grow the profession; encourage implementation of discoveries into practice & education; develop best practices for scientific, educational & community-based research; cultivate research leadership& bolster educational preparation through research outcomes.

Institute for Community Engagement to support & promote community engagement in the shared pursuit of excellence. Will promote educational & clinical partnerships; engage in societal health & wellness; & enhance engagement across healthcare disciplines.

Simulation Instructor Training for Rehabilitation Professionals (SITReP)

Simulation Instructor Training for Rehab Professionals (SITReP)
: To provide affordable, standardized, national simulation training incorporating evidence-based best practices & sound pedagogy.

Accessibility Summit

Accessibility Summit 2024 - Designed to identify and address known barriers for students with disabilities in physical therapy education, including technical standards and accommodations.

IPE Benefits Icon

Interprofessional Education (IPE) Compendium with sample IPE activities to inspire your DPT program.

Leadership Team Training

Empowering the Academic Physical Therapy Leadership Team: A unique, multi-phased, hybrid training for your DPT program leadership team.


Center for Excellence: Supports a culture of excellence & assessment through trustworthy & transparent data management and analysis for academic physical therapy, including the annual Institutional Profile Survey.

GAMER logo

Leadership Compass: A self-paced leadership development tool designed specifically for Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) & Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) administrators, faculty & clinical educators & students.


National Physical Therapy Student Honor Society: The only place for national student recognition for academic achievement in leadership, service/research & the profession’s core values.


Clinical Education Glossary: A common terminology tool for the PT community.


Resources on topics ranging from curricula, interprofessional education & clinical reasoning to clinical education, DEI, simulation, ethics, research, admissions & more.


Simulation Scenario Library: Search over 20 peer-reviewed scenarios based on standards of best practice. Also submit your own simulation scenarios.

Benefits Icon Institutional Vote

An institutional vote on critical issues in the profession.  See all motions voted on to date.

BenefitsIcon Networking Collaboration

Networking & collaboration tools & events to foster discussion & idea-sharing - including a member directory and map.

Representation with Strategic Partners Icon

Representation with strategic partners supporting higher education in health professions.

Supporting Scholarship Research Benefits Icon

Supporting scholarship & research through resources & interactive, multi-day workshops with experts.

Opportunity to Meet Your Service Requirements Benefits Icon

Opportunities to meet your service requirements through many volunteer opportunities - including serving as an elected board member or appointed to a committee, National Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Commission (NEDIC), Clinical Education Commission, Institute or task force.

Discounts on Products and Services Benefits Icon

Member discounts on products, services like the Career Center job postings & continuing education.

Eligibility Information

APTA members who represent institutions of higher education located in the United States of America with a physical therapist education program that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) may be designated as Council members by such an institution. The institution will be represented by one academic administrator or other designated full‐time core faculty member (as defined by CAPTE) in the program.

  • Institutions with an accredited physical therapist education program that offer one or more expansion programs shall have one institutional representative selected by the Institution.
  • Institutions with two separately accredited physical therapist education programs may have one designated representative for each of those accredited physical therapist education programs.
  • The individual designated to represent any institution must be a member in good standing of the Association.
  • The institution must continue to maintain a program that is accredited by CAPTE. An institution whose program has lost accreditation shall regain the right to designate a representative to the Council if its program regains accreditation from CAPTE.

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