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ACAPT members voted for the following new leaders whose terms started in October 2023. ACAPT is proud to be aligning its organizational structure with the Criteria for Excellence & Excellence Framework.  The more streamlined structure integrates excellence criteria into our day-to-day operations, governance, mission, and vision

Learn more about new task forces under each Institute & how to apply.

Read more about ACAPT's new Institutes and restructuring.

Institute for Academic Advancement

Support & promote institutional characteristics that reflect an intentional pursuit of excellence. This Institute will encourage institutional programmatic and clinical development; foster leadership excellence; advance diversity, equity, and inclusion; and facilitate programmatic innovation.

Harsha Deoghare, PT, PhD


Timothy Rethorn, PT, DPT

Vice Chair

Institute for Teaching & Learning

Support & promote curricular attributes that ensure outcomes of educational excellence. This Institute will help to encourage institutional educational excellence; facilitate excellence in clinical education; foster curricular innovation; advance educational technology; and integrate professional formation.

Frank Tudini, PT, DSc


Michael Masaracchio, PT, DPT, PhD

Vice Chair

Institute for Community Engagement

Support & promote community and stakeholder engagement in the shared pursuit of excellence. This Institute will promote educational and clinical partnerships; engage in societal health and wellness; and enhance engagement across healthcare disciplines.

Carol Beckel, PT, PhD


Prisca Collins, PT, PhD

Vice Chair

Institute for Scholarly Inquiry

Cultivate a culture of scholarship and research and ongoing assessment of outcomes in academic programs. This Institute will support scientific research to grow the profession; encourage implementation of discoveries into practice and education; develop best practices for scientific, educational, and community-based research; cultivate research leadership and bolster educational preparation through research outcomes.

Carole Tucker, PT, PhD


Richard Souza, PT, PhD

Vice Chair

These four Institutes will be supported by the Center for Excellence in Academic Physical Therapy, established in 2021 for the purpose of creating a culture of excellence and assessment for academic physical therapy through trustworthy and transparent data management and analysis. 

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