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Excellence Framework

The Excellence Framework in academic physical therapy is designed as a resource to guide and support wide engagement of ACAPT stakeholders.  It will help direct the work of the Center for Excellence in Academic Physical Therapy and builds upon the ACAPT Criteria for Excellence. 

Download and use the full framework here.

Framework topic of the month: Sustains a culture of continual assessment and improvement

To help build a culture of innovation and assessment, we suggest every Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program:

  • Integrate one framework topic in your regular staff meetings, clinical site visits and classroom discussions.
  • Ask your colleagues to review the framework section to see all the sub-categories under Leadership Development prior to your meetings so all can be prepared to discuss it.
  • We hope this will spark conversations & motivate continuous improvement amongst all engaged in academic physical therapy.

12 categories of the Excellence Framework in academic physical therapy

  1. Cultivates transformative, influential and visionary leadership
  2. Embraces innovation and risk-taking
  3. Sustains a culture of continual assessment and improvement
  4. Supports and sustains a culture of collegiality, collaboration, and role modeling
  5. Inspires motivated and engaged learners
  6. Promotes a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion
  7. Sustains a spirit of scholarly inquiry
  8. Employs contemporary, evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning
  9. Promotes adaptive, lifelong learning and professional formation
  10. Embraces leadership development
  11. Promotes authentic, collaborative inclusive community partnerships
  12. Inspires social responsibility, investing in local, regional and global health and addressing contemporary societal needs through advocacy
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Learn more

ACAPT members can access the

a full Excellence Framework

... which includes more detail and shared criteria for each category.

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Excellence framework for academic physical therapy

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