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The formation of the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) followed a natural evolution within the academy to pursue its deep and abiding commitment to excellence and innovation in the profession. Key steps in the development of ACAPT are captured below as a foundation for emergence of a new and sustaining culture of leadership in academic physical therapy.

Click here for A Brief History, synopsizing the vision that led to the creation of ACAPT.  You can view the blocks below that outline activity over certain years, or visit our oral history interviews to see videos of those who've played an instrumental role in the creation and development of ACAPT.

Click here to read "A New Home for Academic Physical Therapy: ACAPT's First 7 Years" by Susie Deusinger and Barb Sanders, published in JOPTE in 2017 (vol 31, No 3)

A Historical Framework for ACAPT
The Call to Action for Change
ACAPT Becomes a Reality
Next Steps

What's Happening Today

A Steering Committee comprised of members of the boards from ACAPT, the Education Section, and APTA, to collaboratively work to bring together all relevant stakeholders having an interest in promoting excellence in physical therapist education. ACAPT is excited about our participation in this new group and look forward to providing updates on the progress of our collaborative work.

There are three Strategic Initiative Panels working on elements related to the Clinical Education Summit. In response to our conversations and recommendations at the Summit, these Panels are working on student readiness for clinical education, integrated clinical experiences, and the need for common terminology used in all levels of clinical education.

New admissions procedures (traffic rules) were approved by the membership to help clarify students’ obligations and opportunities in selection of best fit for professional education and continue to participate in the PTCAS advisory group.

We will bring to completion the study that tests engagement as an element of excellence, analyze and publish its results and develop a menu of options to use benchmarks in the pursuit of excellence.

We are establishing a series of Leadership Development Summits to empower faculty and program leadership to create vision, plan for change, and develop resources to support new initiatives and effect promotion and growth in the academy.

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ACAPT welcomes ideas & solutions to help meet the needs of DPT programs. Submit your suggestions for continuing education, professional development, guidelines, tools, best practices and more.

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