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Simulation Scenario Library

As a free member benefit, ACAPT members can use over 20 peer-reviewed simulation scenarios based on simulation standards of best practice. ACAPT members can: 

Why & when to use scenarios

  • Simulation scenarios designed based on standards of best practice that will help optimize the experience for your learners!
  • Simulation scenarios provide an evidence-based, cost-effective approach to teaching DPT students.
  • Simulation scenarios allow for hands-on learning in a psychologically safe environment where learners can make mistakes and learn from them.

Why submit YOUR scenarios?

  • All submissions are peer-reviewed by individuals with experience in simulation design, providing valuable insight and feedback.
  • Individuals may use peer-reviewed simulation scenarios as demonstration of scholarship or service, depending on your university requirements.
  • Share your scenarios and simulation-based learning experiences with colleagues to build a greater repository of activities for academic physical therapy.

How is the ACAPT sim scenario library unique?

THANK YOU to everyone who helped create the library

Thanks to the ACAPT Simulation in Physical Therapy Consortium (SIPTEC) Simulation Library Committee and the team of scenario creators & reviewers for all their hard work!  Comimittee members include:
SIPTEC Board Liaison: Daniel Dale, Mercer University
Co-Chair: Christy Brimmer, Brenau University
Co-Chair: Elizabeth Tew, Wichita State University
Debra Bangs, Northeastern University
Megan Bell, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Samantha Brown, Boston University
Amy McQuade, Carroll University
JoAnn Moriarty-Baron, University of Massachusetts, Lowell

Email us with your comments about the new library. 

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