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Admissions traffic rules

To improve the efficiency of admissions, ACAPT members approved updated traffic rules in October 2020:

  • Physical therapy admissions traffic rules for programs 

  • Physical therapy admissions traffic rules for applicants  

  • Frequently-asked-questions:

  • Physical therapy admissions traffic rules FAQs for programs

  • Physical therapy admissions traffic rules FAQs for applicants

  • NOTE: ACAPT encourages institutions to acknowledge applicant efforts and mastery of course content by not penalizing applicants in the admissions process who have repeated courses and accepting an applicant’s highest grade achieved for a given course.


    The APTA Academy of Education created an Admissions Network within the Academic Faculty SIG.  See their November 2023 recorded event (password 6lvx%Sy9); click on the “chat messages” option on the right side of the video to see a very robust chat.

    Resources discussed in the session included:

    Watch their recorded event:  A Conceptual and Evidence-Based Analysis of Holistic Admissions Practices in Physical Therapist Education (using passcode: #g1hE@d1) by Dr. Andrea Bowens

    Watch their recorded event: Artificial Intelligence in DPT/PTA Admissions (using passcode: S!=1e6sa) by Dr. Angela Spontelli Gisselman

    Required entry-level prerequisite courses

    These common core prerequisites (approved by ACAPT membership in 2012) help provide more flexibility & encourage more access to DPT schools for underrepresented minority (URM) students.

    Two courses in biological sciences (not botany) 
    Two courses in general chemistry with lab 
    Two courses in general physics with lab 
    One course in psychology 
    One course in statistics
    Anatomy & physiology 

    One course in anatomy with lab AND one course in physiology with lab (or)
    A two-course sequence in anatomy and physiology, each with lab

     More Resources by Topic

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