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Admissions traffic rules

To improve the efficiency of admissions through a more unified process, the ACAPT membership approved updating the traffic rules in October 2020:

  • Physical therapy admissions traffic rules for programs 
  • Physical therapy admissions traffic rules for applicants  

  • Frequently-asked-questions:

  • Physical therapy admissions traffic rules FAQs for programs
  • Physical therapy admissions traffic rules FAQs for applicants

  • Required entry-level prerequisite courses

    • Anatomy and physiology 
      • One course in anatomy with lab AND one course in physiology with lab (or)
      • A two-course sequence in anatomy and physiology, each with lab 
    • Two courses in biological sciences (not botany) 
    • Two courses in general chemistry with lab 
    • Two courses in general physics with lab 
    • One course in psychology 
    • One course in statistics

    Prerequisite courses - approved in 2012

    Physical therapy program financial fact sheets

    Through the Educational Leadership Partnership (ELP), ACAPT, APTA and the Academy of PT Education (APTE), are  promoting the use of fact sheets that provide financial information on DPT and PTA programs in a consistent manner so that student and prospective students can more easily compare costs between schools. 

    See the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program Financial Fact Sheet 2020-2021 here. We encourage all PT programs to post the completed fact sheets on their academic programs' websites.

    Alternate approval process

    • In 2018, ACAPT members approved Alternate Approval Process developed by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) to help ease the administrative burden during the initial processes of students entering the PT community.

    Pre-admission observation hours

    Admissions models

    Celebrating APTA's Centennial



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