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Simulation-based education (SBE) is a teaching methodology that creates a learning environment where students perform psychomotor and clinical reasoning skills in a realistic and controlled environment.


Simulation in Physical Therapy Education Consortium (SIPTEC)

Individual members of ACAPT member institutions can join the ACAPT Simulation in Physical Therapy Education Consortium (SIPTEC) for free.

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Simulation scenario template

Check out this simulation scenario template. Two examples of completed scenarios using this template include:

To learn more about using the template, watch a brief tutorialWe also welcome your feedback so we can continuously improve the template.

THANKS to the Scenario Template Task Force for their incredible work on this project.

Simulation 101

ACAPT contributed to the 2022 Healthcare Simulation Standards of Best Practice RapidTables ™ from the International Nursing Association of Clinical Simulation (INACS)

Free SIPTEC Simulation 101 recorded presentation

Simulation standards of best practice: Developing strong simulations

Use this free simulation scenario templateWatch this tutorial to learn more about using the template; we also welcome your feedback so we can improve it in the future. 


    Physical Therapy Simulation


    Webinar recording:  Acute Care Simulation Activities - featuring an ICU simulation lab

    Healthcare simulation dictionary, second edition

    ACAPT Strategic Initiative Panel on Simulation

    Literature review & overall recommendations final report - May 2021

    Simulation in Physical Therapy Education report - October 2020

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