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Clinical Education

One of ACAPT's priorities is academic innovation, with a goal to establish a framework needed to develop a sustainable model for clinical education

ACAPT's National Consortium of Clinical Educators (NCCE) 

Discussion forum

Join ACAPT's Open Forum for Clinical Education here.  The discussion board does not require ACAPT membership, but you will need to register with ACAPT's database to access the discussion. 

Pre-admission observation hours

Clinical education common terminology

ACAPT's Physical Therapists Clinical Education Glossary addresses the problem that academic and clinical faculty often use different terminology when describing their work within physical therapy education.  You can also read the published article: Recommendations from ACAPT's Common Terminology Panel (2018).

Subsequently, the Academy of Physical Therapy Education (APTE) and its Clinical Education Terminology Task Force of the Academy's PTA Educators SIG created the Physical Therapy Clinical Education Glossary, including PT & PTA clinical education terminology.

Clinical faculty development

Integrated clinical education (ICE)

Payment for clinical sites & economic models

Student readiness

ACAPT reports

Clinical education communications

Below are reports and presentations from past Educational Leadership Conference (ELC) Regional Networking Sessions:

Other resources

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