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Collaborative Model of Clinical Education Toolkit and Resource Handbook

Jun 22, 2020

This Collaborative Model of Clinical Education Toolkit and Resource Handbook is designed to be used specifically with collaboration between academic programs and clinical sites, providing support and structure for clinical instructors working with students in the 2:1 Model.

The authors -- Katherine Myers, Alice Davis, Shelene Thomas and Catherine Bilyeu -- make the following recommendations:

  • The toolkit is specifically designed to be used by clinical instructors (CIs) in collaboration with the academic program. An academic program representative should allot time to review the toolkit and discuss the experience with CI prior to the start date.

  • The 2:1 model can be successful even with students from different academic programs, however, preparation and communication in the following ways is critical for success:
    • At least one of the two academic programs should be in communication with the CI as a resource/contact for managing the experience.
    • Inform the students they will be in a 2:1 prior to the experience; connect the students to allow discussion on learning styles and individual goals for the experience.
  • Be sure to prepare students for the model by: 1) introducing them to the toolkit and 2) intentionally connecting the two students and facilitating conversation around expectations of the experience.

  • If you use the toolkit and have a moment to let us know, please do so at the contact below - we would love to hear about your experience.

  • During this challenging time, we are happy to help facilitate use of the 2:1 model and this toolkit. Please reach out for assistance if needed. Contact: Catherine.Bilyeu@cuanschutz.edu

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