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Distribute your research survey

As a service to ACAPT members and the research community, ACAPT has agreed to share approved member research survey invitations.  This does not represent an endorsement of a research project.  ACAPT is acting solely as an agent for the dissemination of research surveys. 

Participate in current surveys here.

“Distribution of our research survey through ACAPT was a huge help!”
Krista Rompolski from Moravian University.

"The ACAPT survey distribution service helped increase my response rate and reach critical respondents I did not otherwise have access to. I am so glad I made the choice to advertise!"
Amanda Sharp from University of Minnesota

Interested in promoting your own PT-related research survey?

If you meet the criteria below, you may purchase ACAPT advertising to post your PT research survey:

  • Researchers requesting assistance must be from an ACAPT member institution.
  • You must have an IRB-approved research study that addresses a valid PT educational topic.
  • Approved research survey requests will:
    • Be posted to this page for one month.
    • A link to your provided research survey link will appear in two ACAPT Enews editions.
  • Review & advertising fee: $150

How to submit

  • Send the following information to acapt@acapt.org.
    • Three-sentence statement explaining why the researcher wants to survey ACAPT Enews subscribers
    • Survey title
    • Description of research project, including purpose, desired outcomes and type of information to be collected
    • Qualifications to participate in the survey
    • Estimated number of minutes to complete the survey & survey deadline
    • Final survey link
    • Investigator names, credentials and contact information - and host institution
    • IRB approval number & statement confirming IRB approval (or) document stating that survey is exempt
  • Requests meeting the above requirements will be provided to the ACAPT Education Research Committee Chair.  The criteria and process for review include:

    • Proposed research is relevant and important to ACAPT members.
    • Principle investigator or a co-investigator must be an ACAPT member.
    • The Education Research Committee board liaison and ACAPT Executive Director must also approve the request.
    • Once the final review is completed, a communication will be sent to the approved requestor with a link to secure payment.
    • After payment is received, the survey information provided will appear on the ACAPT website and within two editions of ACAPT Enews.  ACAPT Enews is delivered to members and non-members every two weeks (on Wednesdays.)
  • Tips for your survey:

    • Because the survey will appear publicly on this site for one month, we encourage researchers to design their survey to eliminate responses that do not fit the desired characteristics of participants.
    • We ask researchers to credit the "American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) - www.acapt.org" in your survey references.
    • Upon completion of your research, we ask researchers to share a summary of your results with ACAPT participants and also send results to acapt@acapt.org, referencing your survey title and purpose.


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