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Clinical Education Regional Consortia

Regional Physical Therapy Clinical Education Consortia and Leadership Contacts

If you have any updates to below, please email us at acapt@acapt.org.

Learn more about ACAPT Clinical Education Regional Consortia Roadshows.

Name of ConsortiumConsortia StatesLeadership
Carolina Clinical Education ConsortiumNC, SC

Katie Myers, PT, DPT

Central ACCE Clinical Education Consortium


Misty Booth, PT, DPT

Central Indiana Clinical Education Consortium


Valerie Strunk, PT, DPT

Florida Consortium of Clinical EducatorsFL

Kim B Smith, PT, DPT

Georgia Consortium of Clinical EducatorsGA

Camilla Christopher, PT, DPT



Illinois Physical Therapy Association CESIGIL

Cori Zook-Arquines, PT, MHPE, CLT


Intercollegiate Academic Clinical Coordinators Council (IACCC)Southern CAValerie Teglia, PT, DPT
Iowa Clinical Education ConsortiumIA

Lynn Frank

Michigan PT Clinical Education ConsortiumMI

Ashley VanDam, PT, DPT and Chris Wilson, DScPT, DPT

Mid-Atlantic Consortium of Physical Therapy EducationDC, MD, VA

Marisa Birkmeier, PT, DPT and Megan R. Bureau, PT, DPT


New England ConsortiumCT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT

Kim Nowakowski, PT, DPT

New York New Jersey Clinical Education ConsortiumNY, NJ

Michelle Donahue PT, DPT, EdD, PCS and Lauren Snowdon, PT, DPT, EdD


Northern California Clinical Education ConsortiumNorthern CABryan Coleman Salgado, PT, DPT, MS, CWS
Northern Plains Clinical Education ConsortiumMN, NE, ND, SD

Tara Haj and Shelley Koerber

Northwestern Intermountain ConsortiumAZ, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA

Joe Palmer, PT, DPT

Ohio-Kentucky Consortium of Physical Therapy ProgramsOH, KY

Jamie Bayliss, PT, MPT, DHSc and Karen Furgal, PT


Philadelphia Area Clinical Education ConsortiumPA, DE

Sandy Campbell, PT, PhD, MBA


Pocono Susquehanna Clinical Education ConsortiumNorthcentral PA

Dana Maida, PT, DPT, GCS

Southern Clinical Education ConsortiumLA, MSsceconsortium@gmail.com
Tennessee Clinical Education ConsortiumTN

James D. Boone, PT, DPT, OCS

Texas Consortium for Physical Therapy Clinical Education



Kathleen Manella, PT, PhD

Steve Spivey, PT, DPT (NCCE liaison)



Three Rivers Area ConsortiumPA, WVCourtney Roca, PT, DPT and Aimee Maruniak, PTA, BS, MS
Wisconsin PT Association Clinical Education SIGWILori Keisic

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