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Center for Excellence

ACAPT-Center for Excellence in Academic Physical Therapy

ACAPT's board commits to data collection and new Center for Excellence in Academic Physical Therapy.  

Addressing your common challenges

ACAPT members have identified the following top shared challenges that nearly every DPT program faces.  

  • Transforming clinical education
  • Building diversity
  • Controlling student debt
  • Increasing value of education for PT careers
  • Addressing shortage of qualified faculty

If every member program director participates in the January 2022 Institutional Profile Surveywe'll start collecting valuable data to quantify and start to address these common issues across all programs.

A Definition of Excellence

Excellence is an aspiration rather than a destination and is characterized by continual improvement. An excellent academic program demonstrates a culture of excellence by continually and intentionally striving to transform learners, advance knowledge, and improve societal health.

Excellence in transforming learners, advancing knowledge, and improving societal health is achieved when the academic culture supports the ongoing development and integration of three domains: Inquiry, inclusion, and innovation. Excellence is also a multi-faceted construct that respects and supports differences among academic programs while inspiring ongoing self-assessment and growth.

criteria for excellence diamond
criteria for excellence image

2021 progress towards collecting data for DPT program excellence through the Excellence Framework for PT Education.

See more guidelines for DPT programs.


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