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Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education

ACAPT is a proud sponsor of the Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education (IHPE), which is an ongoing, convening activity of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The Global Forum brings together stakeholders from multiple nations and professions to network, discuss and illuminate issues within health professional education.

Global Forum article about artificial intelligence (AI)

Call for pain management submissions for Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice (JIEP)

The Global Forum and IASP working group have been working on a follow-up after the Non-Pharmacological Management of Pain workshop to meet the addressed need for more information related to pain management - specifically related to educational models of interprofessional education (IPE) activities.

Despite the high prevalence and major impact of pain, health professionals are often ill-prepared to assist patients with pain management. Interprofessional teamwork is critical for effective management of pain and to enable a seamless flow of care. Models and exemplars of effective IPE pain education activities and curricula will help drive innovation and excellence.

Please send your JIEP submissions by November 15, 2021. for the Virtual Special Issue: Interprofessional Pain Management: Educational Models and Exemplars Across the Learning and Practice Continuum.

Submissions should help:

  • Elucidate lessons-learned from best practices
  • Expand evidence of effectiveness
  • Bridge the gap between education & practice
  • Describe practical methods and outcomes along the learning continuum - e.g. entry-level, residency, post-professional continuing education and workplace learning.

Interested in being a reviewer?  Contact kdunleavy@phhp.ufl.edu.

2020 IHPE Global Forum Year in Review

There are four active IHPE work groups addressing:

  1. Interprofessional pain education
  2. A team-based approach to obesity treatment
  3. Artificial intelligence in health professions education
  4. Patient perspective during COVID-19

Review the full 2020 Year in Review publication.


ACAPT continually supports issues impacting interprofessional education (IPE) and collaborative practice:

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