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Supporting simulation
Simulation-based education (SBE) is a teaching methodology that creates a learning environment where students perform psychomotor and clinical reasoning skills in a realistic and controlled environment.

Two important resources to help DPT programs expand their simulation best practices launched in 2023, through the work of ACAPT's Simulation in Physical Therapy Education Consortium (SIPTEC).

1) Simulation Scenario Library with over 20+ - and growing - sample scenarios for ACAPT members to use and adapt.

SImulation scenario library

Two simulation vendors helped sponsor the library and are providing free, sample scenarios for inclusion in the library:



SITReP - Simulation Training for Rehab Professionals

2) A hybrid, interactive simulation train-the-trainer module is coming soon!

SIPTEC has designed the training content, and it's getting integrated into ACAPT's new Learning Management System (LMS).

Stay tuned for more work on simulation outcome measures in 2024.

SIPTEC also led several practical webinars in 2023 to help members who are interested in simulation, including: