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Continuing work to enhance clinical education

In follow-up to ACAPT's Clinical Education Summit in 2014 and its final report from the common terminology, integrated clinical education and student readiness panels, Shawne Soper compiled a March 2021 final report summarizing ACAPT's advances in clinical education. 

ACAPT's National Consortium of Clinical Education (NCCE) continues to lead the charge for innovative models within clinical education and is a vital part of ACAPT's mission to strive for excellence in PT education. 

We encourage all DCEs, SCCEs, CIs and other clinical ed staff to use the following resources:

ACAPT’s National Consortium of Clinical Educators (NCCE), chaired by Janice Howman, has led ACAPT’s framework to transform clinical education in PT - and in 2021, NCCE increased shared recommendations & resources including: 

NCCE also continued collaboration to:

  • Share reflections in leadership during COVID.
  • Co-host ACAPT member regional town halls to discuss issues affecting PT education.
  • Develop valuable clinical education data collection through the pilot ACAPT DPT program demographic survey.
Each ACAPT member institution should support the NCCE participation of your clinical education team consisting of at least one academic and one clinical faculty member. 72% of ACAPT member institutions have registered their DCE and clinical partner as NCCE members, but we'd like to get to 100%! See details on how to register for FREE.
Janice Howman Photo

Janice Howman, DPT, MEd
ACAPT National Consortium of Clinical Educators (NCCE) Chair

Clinical Professor & Director of Clinical Education at Ohio University