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Establishing an Agreement with APTA


Updated June 2023

Dear ACAPT members:

As you know, for the last 18 months, the ACAPT Board has been exploring our relationship with APTA to better define the scope and mission of each organization.  This process has involved engaging with both ACAPT members and APTA leadership to clarify a process and structure that would allow us to continue our shared goals of advancing the profession of physical therapy, improving the health of society, and building community.

The ACAPT Board has recently ratified a five-year affiliation agreement with APTA that establishes the terms of our relationship, defining ACAPT as an Institutional Group, consistent with the APTA bylaws. 

  • This agreement affirms that ACAPT will continue to serve the physical therapy community as an association dedicated to excellence in physical therapist education programs as a whole, with ACAPT's core purpose to lead the physical therapy profession in the pursuit of academic excellence.

After evaluating all of its options, ACAPT’s Board voted to approve the signing of the agreement to protect ACAPT and the interests of its membership. 

  • The ACAPT Board felt it was in the best interest of ACAPT to remain affiliated with APTA to maximize the combined strengths of both organizations for the advancement of academic excellence.
  • This agreement will allow ACAPT to have two non-voting delegates with privileges to speak and make motions in the APTA House of Delegates.
  • APTA and ACAPT expressly acknowledge and warrant that they are, and will remain, separate legal entities.  

Feel free to contact your ACAPT Board liaison if you have any questions.  We look forward to ACAPT and APTA continuing to work together to promote excellence in academic physical therapy.

Thank you for your ACAPT membership and ongoing support!

ACAPT President Mark Reinking, PT, PhD, ATC, FAPTA